And now, a word from Arnold Schwarzenegger

August 18, 2017- I never thought I would praise Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this is excellent. I have said the same thing in recent days: Hitler and the Nazis ere literally losers. Why emulate them?

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2 Responses to And now, a word from Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Chester says:

    While the words are true, they need to be directed at both sides. The alt-left terrorists funded by George Soros showed up at a peaceful free speech rally in Boston armed with sticks and nails and bottles of urine. They pummeled old people holding American flags or wearing MAGA Hats that don’t want our free speech to die as it did under communists like Stalin or Castro.

    Arnold and rest of media seem unable to also condemn the communists of the #antifa #altleft and in fact the Democratic Party has embraced them.

  2. Editor says:

    P Trump is having a rally soon in Arizona. He will make your point for you.

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