Trump will survive Mueller

DC Man giving two middle fingers to Roger Waters

Update December 2, 2017- President Trump’s former campaign adviser and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn agreed to a plea bargain and admitted guilt to deceiving the FBI. However, this “crime” was something created by the Mueller investigation itself. It has nothing to do with the big question of whether candidate Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election, and the establishment resistance seems to be no closer at proving that.

Democrat congressman Adam Schiff said after the Flynn plea, “This could be the smoking gun we are looking for”, admitting that they have nothing yet. Moreover, this is not how criminal investigations are supposed to transpire. One does not start an investigation first, then later find the evidence. There has to be probable cause first.

To reverse engineer a prosecution after the fact, with the goal of toppling a duly elected president, is the crime. That is called sedition and treason.

August 5, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

I think I have figured out how this Mueller special investigation into “Russian meddling” will end. Michael Flynn will be the fall guy and Trump will survive. Trump is too popular and Mueller would not dare do anything to stage a coup.

I saw the Roger Waters concert last night in establishment DC. He devotes the song Pigs to bashing Trump. I saw very few people enthused and joining in. The crowd cheered when they first saw a graphic about Trump, but then sat on their hands for the rest. I saw two people in front of me standing and giving Roger the middle finger throughout his tirade.

Also, during the first set with a new song Roger put out, he has been mocking Trump in a childish way (pointing to his head saying Trump has no brains). I said so in my review (that he or someone on his team read, because they blocked me on Twitter). But at the DC concert, he dropped it from his routine.

This is establishment DC where people need Trump to be ousted the most. They are the swamp that he is after. But even here, there is no rage against Trump.

In Columbus for the concert, half the crowd booed Waters.

Earlier in the day, I was complaining on the phone about the White House and two ladies heard me. They started to support Trump.

And of course, Trump is smartly doing these large rallies where 20,000 people show up.

The Supreme Court is very timid when it comes to any ruling that is very unpopular. I cannot fathom that SCOTUS would allow any sort of criminal case against Trump.

Congress has a 10% approval rating. They won’t impeach.

When the special prosecutor was announced, I wrote that it would be good for Trump. It is forcing him to be serious about the job and showing him that he cannot break the rules.

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