What you can do today to make sure that voter fraud in the City Council race is investigated

September 13, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

We previously re-posted a press release by City Council District 1 candidate Aaron Foldenauer whereby he claims to have uncovered fraudulent voter addresses in Chinatown, located at PO boxes, that could have been used by incumbent Margaret Chin. Without trying too hard, Foldenauer found 69 addresses that traced back to UP stores, US Post offices, or other private mailbox locations.

The primary election took place last night and it is too close to call. Chin defeated Marte by fewer than 200 votes, as of now. However, the paper absentee ballots have not yet been “recanvassed” and counted.

BPTV called the NYC elections board and inquired about the formal company filed by Foldenauer. An employee said that the matter was referred to the New York Attorney General. We have received no reply from the AG.

If you want to ensure that this serious problem of voter fraud is investigated, you can contact this division of the AG and inquire.

(212) 416-8250  Civil.rights@ag.ny.gov

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