300 Albany sneaks up even more radiation emitting cell tower brain blasters

Cell tower on 300 AlbanyUpdate July 25, 2015- Today, in typical stealth fashion, on a slow weekend day when most people are out of the city, the people who own the building at 300 Albany are installing even more radiation emitting cell towers with unknown safety. They first started building this last year (see below).

Cel tower on AlbanyMay 8, 2014- Letter to Editor from Cristina Machado

I recently read the article that Dr. Greer published on the BatteryParkTV.com newsletter this month.  I am currently an owner resident in the building that was also disappointed to see our building “pimped” out by our Board of Managers for a monstrous cell tower.

I can tell you that your BP.TV newsletter was encouraging to see as our board at 300 Albany Street has demonstrated not only disregard for owners in the building but also the larger community.  All-in-all, this is not just a BPCA issue.

I would be happy to provide more details if it helps to move the masses on this topic.  As owners, our antiquated by-laws do not allow us to force it’s removal unless proven to be a legal “nuisance”.   More importantly, this tower went up without owner vote despite the board’s promise to get majority owner vote before ever installing a cell tower.

Thank you for voicing the community’s concerns.

Kind Regards, Cristina Machado

300 Albany Street


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  1. resident of 300 Albany st says:

    I fully support the comments made by Cristina, as owner/resident at 300 Albany, I would never have voted to have a cell tower on top of our building. It is of great concern when reading studies conducted in Australia, Norway etc on the effects of cell tower radiation, cancer clusters being the most worrying side effect. Some guidelines do not recommend them being installed on residential buildings or near schools as children are considered to more at risk from cell tower radiation.

    Please continue your coverage of this topic so others in BPC will become aware of this issue.

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