Catherine McVay Hughes becomes BPCA board member despite ties to convicted felon Sheldon Silver


Update May 12, 2018- Despite Catherine Hughes’ mysterious departure from CB1, coinciding with the Sheldon Silver prosecution and other mysterious CB1 long-timer departures, Ms. Hughes has somehow resurfaced as a BPCA board member despite not being a BPC resident or having any accomplishments to speak of. Clearly, her family has somehow donated to Governor Cuomo.

BPTV has issued a FOIA request of the BPCA to learn what efforts were made to investigate Ms. Hughes’ ties to Sheldon Silver, who was recently convicted of corruption felonies for a second time.

Update January 2, 2017- Former CB1 Chair Catherine McVay Hughes apparently did not leave CB1 altogether. However, she has not attended a meeting since her mysterious abrupt departure. This is in violation of CB1 rules, and the board has moved to officially fire her.

A local flier reports, “Hughes told Downtown Express that her absence from board meetings is largely the result of a much-needed vacation following years of dedicating herself to the community, which included a six-year stint as CB1’s vice chair before ascending to the top job, which she held for four years.

She said that during her time off, she has focused on other issues a little closer to home.

“After the years spent volunteering on rebuilding our community after 9/11, the 2008 collapse, and Superstorm Sandy, I took a little time to focus on family priorities,” said Hughes.”

April 26, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

No one with power ever “steps down” voluntarily. Sumner Redstone is 92 and being pushed out of Viacom by lawsuits. Vladimir Putin tried the retirement thing, only to come back as President of Russia. Michael Bloomberg flagrantly stole a third term as Mayor of New York City, and Sheldon Silver was the head of the Lower Manhattan Democrats cabal for more than 20-yeas until he was ousted by federal prosecutors.

With the sentencing of Sheldon Silver to be settled soon, the vast network of his cronies is crumbling. Several long-time CB1 members made mysterious “resignations” last year after Sheldon Silver was first arrested. But Chair Catherine McVay Hughes clung to power.

Now, she has announced that she will be stepping down. DowntownExpress reports, “Anthony Notaro, current vice-chairman of the board and chairman of its Battery Park City Committee, plans to run for Hughes’s position, while Tribeca Committee chair Elizabeth Lewinsohn is aiming to replace him as vice-chair, according to the Nominating Committee.

Notaro previously ran against former CB1 chairwoman Julie Menin in 2005 but received only one vote.”

That is actually misleading. The one vote was Notaro’s own.

Only BatteryPark.TV reported on Ms. Hughes’ scandals. The other local “papers” were embedded within her establishment. We inform.

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2 Responses to Catherine McVay Hughes becomes BPCA board member despite ties to convicted felon Sheldon Silver

  1. mpbraverman says:

    All your examples of people who refuse to let go of their power are men.

  2. Thames Is On My Side says:

    Hughes did not step down to focus on her family. That she would offer her family as sacrificial lambs for her own faults speaks volumes to the woman’s personality and ethics.

    The word is that she was forced to step down because of her harassment of staff workers at the board office. I do not know the precise details, but that is what I heard from an insider on CB1.

    That she has not resigned to let others willing to serve on the board also speaks to her arrogance and selfishness.

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