Exclusive: Brookfield makes a mockery of the sailing school

Offshore sailing school no activityMarch 10, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Last year was the first year for the Brookfield-managed “sailing school” and the season was disaster. There were a few token sailing class boats docked that rarely left port. Now, we have learned that this year will not likely be much better.

The successful community sailing school operated for decades by Mike Fortenbaugh had a small floating office where the classes would convene. This year, Brookfield will not allow that, and will relocate the sailing class events to the retail shops inside the New York Mercantile Exchange building, near the ferry boat slip.

Clearly, Canadian Brookfield is making a mockery of their RFP application that promised to have a sailing class. First, they allowed Mike Fortenbaugh’s operations to be evicted, despite listing in their RFP that he was their top choice. Then, Brookfield selected the Colgate Sailing company, run my a couple in their 80’s, despite Colgate not even being in the list of alternatives in their RFP.

The fix is in. The North Cove Marina is nothing but a way to lure rich people in their yachts to the failing Brookfield Place “luxury shops”. Every square foot occupied by a sailing class boat takes away from what cold be a mega-yacht.

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  1. India1901 says:

    As an aside, apparently the sailing school will be opening an office in the Nymex building in the space that was once occupied by Boomerang Toys which gave up trying to make a profit there.

  2. Editor says:

    Yes. We previously reported that.

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