LiRo Group construction singled out by Comptroller Stringer

June 25, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

Over the years. BPTV has reported on numerous cost overrun construction projects overseen by the BPCA’s Gwen Dawson and former CEO Dennis Mehiel. The LiRo Group has been involved in several projects that resulted in shoddy construction at inflated process.

Now, Comptroller Stringer has singled out LiRo in a report on how the city parks departments is poorly managing projects. The Seahorse Carousel in The Battery was a LiRo project almost 10-years behind schedule. LiRo also bult the bike path that was many years behind schedule.

According to The Post, “Other agency projects that allegedly drained taxpayers through shoddy management included construction of a carousel and a bikeway in Battery Park.

The carousel project, overseen by the LiRo Group, saw an additional 208 percent increase in projected costs. Following 1,199 days of construction delays, costs rose by $928,575, to $1,374,975. Some reasons for the delays included problems contractors had obtaining a building permit and incomplete designs.

The bikeway project saw a hike of $814,304 in projected costs following 599 days of delays.”

Previously, BPTV reported on LiRo’s fleecing of BPC taxpayers by charging millions of dollars to fox a leak in the roof of the community center by the ballfields.

LiRo also got the contract to renovate Pier-A. They went tens of millions over budget on that one too. The Irish Hunger Memorial, also over budget and behind schedule, was a LiRo contract.

Up the Hudson, the new Tappann Zee bridge is a LiRo project. The governor is trying to rename it the Cuomo bridge.

Who owns LiRo and how do they get so many state contracts from Governor Cuomo’s BPCA and the city’s parks? This link lists the management.

This is how the New York State corruption machine works. The governor awards large infrastructure projects to construction companies who then run up the costs. From that largess, they then “donate” to the governor’s “campaign fund” The Chairman of LiRo has donated large sums to Cuomo.

In the case of BPCA, many of the board members are construction company executives. Being on the board helps control the RFP contract process.

(Editor’s Note: If I mysteriously die, it was not suicide and I do not use drugs.)

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