PS 150 in Tribeca to be evicted because landlord will not renew lease

October 4, 2018- We are hearing that the landlord for the building in which PS 150 is located in Tribeca is not renewing their lease. Please tell us what you are hearing.

An email from the PTA stated:

“Hi all,

We know that the news that Jenny shared is a surprise, and wanted to assure you that we’re here to support in answering or finding answers to your questions and working through logistics as they unfold.

It is unfortunate that our landlord has opted not to work with us on a lease extension and we are grateful to the DOE for negotiating on our behalf as well as, faced with defeat, trying to find an alternative that would keep our small school and one class per grade structure on a single floor at Peck Slip.

However, I think we all agree that keeping the kids and our community together is our biggest priority and that staying where we are until Trinity is ready would be ideal. To that end, a number of us are in the process of working with our local community and political leaders to demand that Vornado renew the lease as requested by the DOE.

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow morning at the Java with Jenny.


The PTA”

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