The Golf Project: Keep it simple with most wedge shots

April 26, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

I watched the Golf Channel series by Cameron McCormick on wedge play as he teaches it to PGA players, such as Jordan Spieth. He has dozens of different set up positions, wrist maneuvers, etc.

However, I see no reason to confuse life with umpteen different stances, follow-throughs, and post-impact wrist contortions. I see no reason to flight the ball low by holding onto the wrists in follow through. I see no reason for different sand shot swings. I see no reason to place the weight on left leg.

Instead, I use a one-size-fits-all shot with a 60-degree loft. That extreme loft means one does not need to open the face. 60-degrees is a huge amount of loft, folks. One does not need to then do funky things to gain more loft, unless you need a high flop.

For the routine 30-yard tight-lie fairway shot to a Par-5, for example, I place my feet close together, almost touching. That achieves the same thing as leaning weight on left leg to avoid chunk shots. It also facilitates a good body turn.

I make sure to take the club back on the proper line. That is where one can mess up on these short shafted wedges and toe-shank them. Keep stiff wrists, like Steve Stricker or Jason Day, and take the club-head straight back.

I control distance with downswing speed, like a long putt.

With 60-degree wedges, a divot is rarely needed. Just brush the fairway, unless you have a bad lie (all of this applies to the fairway, not to the rough).

The pros think that they need to lower the flight in wind by flexing the left wrist and taking a stabbing divot. I think that adds a huge degree of difficulty for little gained. Nine times out of ten, the same shot will work for any position away from the green.

Also, you must film yourself! People rarely film their short game. If you do, you will be amazed at how bad you look.

(This is part of The Golf Project started in 2016 by author Steven E. Greer, MD to attempt to learn how to swing like elite modern players.)

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