The Golf Project: Try throwing a golf ball before attempting to hit one

May 6, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Golf teachers should start with a new student by having them do nothing but throw golf balls and skipping rocks across water. This involves the same crucial motions of the golf swing without the intimidation of the club.

It is not as easy as one might think to throw a golf ball down the target line from a golf stance. Most people will throw it off line to the right because their shoulders won’t turn down fully and their right wrists will not be hyper-extended.

When throwing a ball, the palm and fingers become the equivalent of the club face. The hyper-extended right wrist is required to keep the club shaft plane flat and in control. It is also essentially to throwing a ball.

Throwing a ball will allow the student to feel the shoulders rotate on the proper plane, without getting stuck behind, causing the body to become off balance. The huge follow through of the elite golfer can also be felt when the student throws a golf ball.

Skipping rocks across a pond will get the right elbow to lead the motion even more. Try that too.

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