I achieved the proper golf swing

November 8, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Sixteen months after embarking on my Golf Project, I now have both a proper backswing and downswing. I solved the problem of my hips going forward and spine lifting on the downswing.

I recently got some ideas from Tiger Woods videos. That helped with the backswing. But Tiger’s head dips six-inches on the downswing and gets him in trouble. I like my swing better.

My clubhead speed in irons is 5 MPH faster than the average PGA professional, around 95 with a short iron. My driver is getting there too. I carry it 280-yards with speeds in excess of 111 MPH.

I credit my success to the scientific methods I learned in surgery. I make observations via video, and compare to other swings in order to diagnose problems. I seek advice from professionals as much as I can. But to be honest, none of them had solutions for my problems and I was forced to “doctor heal thyself” it. I am better off for it. I know a lot about the swing now and could be a teacher.

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