Essay: The Great Demplosion of 2019

Update February 5, 2019- In my essay at the bottom, I started off by pointing out the blunder by Cuomo of signing a bill allowing post-birth abortion. I was correct in spotting that as a big issue to exploit. President Trump mentioned it tonight in the State of the Union Address.

The numerous other Democrats in the room were exploited as well. Trump stated that the U.S. will never be a socialist country and got huge applause. Pelosi even clapped as a sign of power to socialist Ocasio-Cortez.

Update February 1, 2019- Just one day after predicting an implosion, or Demplosion, of the party, numerous stories came out. First, Governor Northam posted on his medical school yearbook page a photo of him either in black-face or a KKK hood costume. He will likely be ousted.

Then, Pocahontas Elizabeth warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for lying all her life about being Native American.

And finally, Spartacus Corey Booker announced his 2020 run. Within hours, skeletons fell out of the closet. He was accused of sexually assaulting a man.

In a few days, Trump gives the State of the Union. He will exploit this as Nancy Pelosi sits behind him.

January 31, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I think Governor Andrew Cuomo really screwed up this time. These establishment Dems, such as he, who are trying to shift left to appeal to young people are like fish out of water.

He signed a law last week just like the one that the Virginia governor is already having to backtrack on after 24 hours of hostile press. Cuomo has allowed babies to be decapitated after they are delivered. He celebrated it all over the place in New York even making the freedom Tower shine with pink lights. This emboldened the Virginia governor and others. For whatever reason, perhaps the power of video, this all created a hostile backlash from even among most Democrats.

Cuomo is not a bright man. By every account if people who know him, he is stone cold stupid. This was a huge screwup. He cannot live this one down.

Late-term abortion is such an unwinnable debate that Nancy Pelosi today flat out refused to answer questions about it (see video).

I have never seen a political effort like this backfire and cause the political party to do a 180° turn within 24 hours. I think it comes at a point of critical mass. People are sick of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Mueller. They are sick or moron Ocasio-Cortex and she has been in office less than a month.

It is refreshing actually. I think most Americans are like me and becoming literally depressed and nihilistic seeing how the Democrats are refusing to act rationally. Well, they finally got a glimpse of reality and they finally went too far. There is sanity.

Look for Pelosi to cave and give Trump a wall. Look for Trump to really capitalize on “Democrats are the party of late-term abortion…” during the State of the Union address as Pelosi sits behind him.

I said that the Dems winning the house would be Trump’s ticket to 2020. I think I was right, as usual. The Great Demplosion is occurring sooner than I expected.

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  1. Chester says:

    As a Catholic, I am disgusted that Cardinal Dolan has not had the ethics/morals to excommunicate Cuomo. If this is not an excommunicatable act, I do not what else is.

    Is he afraid of missing a few fancy dinners with the NYC rich? Coward.

    This is why Catholics have turned against the Church. Kennedy given an annulment because he was dating a Hollywood actress despite having 2 children resulting in his annulled wife hanging herself in the garage.

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