Essay: The Michael Cohen congressional testimony is backfiring on the Democrats

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February 27, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

In a flagrant attempt to detract from the stately presidential appearance that President Trump will have by attending the North Korea summit in Vietnam, the leaderless Democrats pulled the stunt of having Trump’s disgraced, disbarred, former lawyer Michael Cohen testify before their committee. How is that not textbook sedition and treason by Michael Cohen and the Democrats in congress? They are jeopardizing the United States’ leverage over North Korea by making the president look weak. They are risking nuclear war in exchange for some cheap political points.

Meanwhile, the actual hearing is backfiring on the Democrats.

A Republican congressman asked Mr. Cohen whether he was helping with any ongoing investigations of the Southern District and whether he expected his testimony to be used in the future to help reduce his current sentence on his convictions. He admitted that he was doing both. There is a criminal rule 35 that allows prosecutors to ask a judge for a reduced sentence based on cooperation. So, Cohen is openly admitting that he is testifying to Congress for that reason.

Another GOP congresswoman asked whether Cohen would pledge to not pursue book or movie deals. He would not.

The rest of Cohen’s testimony was hilarious. The Republicans trying to discredit him made him look like dopey faced moron that he is. They are listing all of his admitted lies, the fact that he was disbarred, etc. Lanny Davis, his lawyer, is sitting behind him looking stupid.

The Demplosion of 2019 continues.

Of course, the propaganda TV arm of the Democrat party will edit out 10-seconds of clips to make it appear as if Cohen unleashed devastating testimony proving that Trump committed crimes.

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