TribecaCitizen has new owner and editor

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Update February 5, 2019- The local dog walker and laid-off Internet executive who ran TribecaCitizen sold it to a former journalism professor and Community Board member, Pam Frederick. Here is her profile.

This has to be an improvement. The founder was a vegan who attempted to post restaurant reviews using a crappy camera, and did nothing else but aggregate news.

Tribeca needs some real investigative journalism. BPTV does not care enough to bother.

December 5, 2018- TribecaCitzen, a local advertising blog run by a difficult man named Eric Torkells, announced today that it is ceasing operations at the end of the month. He had tried to sell it last year and no company showed interest.

He lists the reason for closing down as primarily being that the website has stagnated and he seems bored with it. Well, that is likely because he just aggregates the news. There is no fun in that. If he took the effort to actually report on the local news, as BPTV does, he might have been more motivated and rewarded.

The bigger story here is that Google has killed the local news by capturing almost all of the adverting dollars. BPTV makes no effort to sell ads because it is pointless.

If there were money in making local news, TribecaCitizen would have been acquired by now. Instead, we see bastions of local news, such as the Village Voice, closing down.

Fortunately for Lower Manhattan, there remains one lone local news source in BPTV. It is run by an irrational man who takes a hit keeping it afloat.

It was a stroke of genius to create BPTV.

The crooks won’t be allowed to operate with impunity under our watch.

We Inform.

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