Sources Say: CBS News turns to tabloid content for ratings

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March 9, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

CBS led off the Evening News last night with Gayle King’s R. Kelly interview. This morning, they spent the first 16-minutes of the show on the same R. Kelly interview.

This is tabloid garbage. CBS is so desperate for ratings that they have stooped to tabloid level for the news. The new president of the news, Susan Zirinski, used to run their tabloid show 48 Hours. The CBS News might as well be called Entertainment Tonight.

Regarding the allegations against Kelly, it does not appear to me that a single one of his sexual partners was raped against their will. They were all star-struck fans. He has two more groupies living in his house right now.

R. Kelly got arrested yesterday as a direct result of the Gayle King interview. Boy, they should be so proud of themselves. They brought down a broke-ass, has-been singer, black man who has sex with fans. The world will be a better place now.

By the way, who the hell is R. Kelly? The only thing I know about him is through his sex scandals. I can’t name a single song he has ever made.

In the bigger picture, this disgraceful move is a symptom of a larger problem: TV news is near death.

Under David Rhodes, CBS News was turned into a propaganda arm of the Obama administration. That failed and destroyed the brand. He got fired. Now, they are trying to be 48 Hours tabloid for “hard news” at 6:30 pm and 7:00 am.

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  1. Dr. B says:

    Once again, Greer NAILS it.

    Agree with everything you wrote!

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