Flu report for February 2019

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March 1, 2019- The flue is pretty bad this year. Here is the latest flu report. flu report February 2019

Don’t forget that you can treat the flu with medicines if you catch it early. The key diagnosis is a rising temperature.

February 7, 2019- Attached is NY Flu report February 7 2019

Obviously, get vaccinated. However, if you don’t and you develop a cough with a feeling of fever, you can take medicines to prevent to flu from spreading in your body and possibly killing you.

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  1. Chester says:

    There are staff at local hospitals not forced to get flu shots. I believe NYU New York eye ear infirmary …..egregious with immune deficient, cancer patients and elderly going to appts at these hospitals.

    We need to start looking at the dangerous exceptions being given to children of antivaxxers who are allowed to go to school. There is a measles epidemic outbreak bc of this and open borders. One sensible mother in Portland vaccinated her children but said because of the antivaxxers she is a hostage in her home as she has a newborn who is not old enough to be vaccinated.

    These people are too young and stupid to realize measles can kill and blind.

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