Why socialized medicine really does lead to “death squads”

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Update June 8, 2019- This story shed such a bad light on socialized medicine and the the perverse potential of the far-left that the propagandist, such as CNN, are trying to spin this as fake news. They claim the girl was not euthanized, but rather died of starvation. That is nonsense.

One sees in the photos that she had a feeding tube. Some hospital in the Netherlands obviously stopped those forced feedings.

That is euthanasia. In the U.S., when a patient is near death from a terminal illness, in hospice, etc. tube feeds are stopped as a way to expedite death.

In addition, what was her psychiatric care regimen? What medications did they dope her up on to increase the depressions? Why type of counseling did she receive to make her think suicide was such a good option and that rape was an insurmountable fatal disease?

Update June 4, 2019- Dutch freaks euthanized a teenage girl because she was having mental anguish over rape. This is absurd. Her psychiatrists and other counselors clearly went along with this. Oh, by the way, her antidepressants, and god knows what else they doped her up on, created her depression.

But this is not a one-off story to be forgotten. As I said four years ago, below, the Dutch are resorting to euthanasia of sick and old people because the far-left communists want to rid the population of them. But the Dutch are not isolated. All of Europe is close behind.

Socialism cannot survive unless some people can work and pay for the others not working. There are so many people not working in these socialized countries, getting free stuff off the backs of others, that every person they kill via euthanasia allows the others to live off of the state a little bit longer. These are the “death squads” Sarah Palin warned about.

Theoretically, I am in favor of a single-payer healthcare system, because it is better than fee-for-service. However, it will certainly become a power abused by the Big State, as it has become in Europe.

May 26, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD

What the heck is up with this culture in Denmark to do sadistic things to animals?

Last year, a zoo killed a healthy giraffe by shooting it, then dissecting it, all in front of kids. This was despite a public protest trying to save the animal.

Now, a radio host beat a baby rabbit to death live on the air to prove some lame point.

The “best restaurant in the world” for many years is Noma in Denmark. I despise the chef for many reasons; one being that he loves to eat live fish and sea creatures claiming it tastes better squirming.

This sadistic perversion is unique to these weirdoes. It is something to do with feeling manly by killing animals.

Is there any wonder Hitler was able to invade, occupy, and set up concentration camps in Denmark?

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