Essay: Why Liberal Media and Universities Tolerate Crooked College Football

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January 2, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

College football is so dirty. Just look at the coaches from the top teams that we saw play this weekend.

Last night, we saw Clemson’s coach, Dabo Swinney, yelling and screaming at his unpaid quarterback, blaming him for his team troubles. I don’t see Dabo on the field getting brain injury.

For Alabama, Nick Saban is a well-established crook making millions of dollars as an NFL coach failure who bounced back to college. He infamously holds up bottles of sugary Coke at press conferences, paid to do so, promoting childhood obesity and dental disease in the Deep South.

On Oklahoma’s sidelines was former coach Bob Stoops, who mysteriously stepped down in June, likely due to some sort of personal scandal. But the crooked ESPN people did not say a word about it.

Also, the Oklahoma Heisman winner, Baker Mayfield, is another unethical punk following in the footsteps of Johnny Manziel. He rigged the NCAA system by walking on to two schools until he found a spot suitable for him. He is now seemingly on steroids, exhibiting hyperaggression, making crude gestures to his groin, taunting opponents. But the Heisman committee does not care. Heck, they allowed accused rapist Jameis Winston to win.

Elsewhere, we have Jimbo Fisher, former Florida State coach, who is now reportedly getting record pay from Texas A&M. He looked the other way as Jameis Winston escaped rape charges, and is rewarded by a promotion. Again, the “reporters” on ESPN say nothing.

A new startling development that we saw this bowl season was numerous top NFL draft prospects not suiting up for bowl games. One cannot blame them, actually. These bowl games mean nothing to the players and just make money for the crooked colleges.

Aside from risking injury by playing in a meaningless game, if the lucrative bowls want to have star talent play, then they should have to pay the athletes. There should be a special rule for bowl games that allows players in their final games to be paid.

The best social justice protest that players could make would be to stand for the National Anthem and then sit for the game in strike.

Why is there no utterance in the mainstream media and news of these obvious social injustices? It is because the university system in this country that employs the liberal professors, who would normally organize the protests, pays the salaries of those hypocrites. More importantly, however, is that universities have become so bloated with unnecessary labor forces that they are small pseudo-governments. The vast majority of those employees are liberal Democrats too.

Even the Ivy League is getting in on the action. Harvard has a competitive basketball team now in order to rake in NCAA March Madness money. Likewise, the Harvard of the West, Stanford lowered its standards long ago and has had a good football program.

This problem of dirty NCAA football exposes a bigger issue. How do you silence the liberals who love to spew false outrage and enforce political correctness with a fascist grip? Just pay them off. Money talks.

Don’t give female cheerleaders scholarships? Let mostly black athletes beat up their brains for no money to benefit the white ruling class of universities? Tolerate sexual abuse by athletes against female students? No problem. Just pay off the white liberals in charge with sports dollars.

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3 Responses to Essay: Why Liberal Media and Universities Tolerate Crooked College Football

  1. Denver says:

    Don’t forget Urban Meyer’s Ohio State football program that has produced Ezekiel Elliott and Eli Apple.

  2. Editor says:

    Zeek did nothing wrong and was never charged by cops. The accuser is a flake.

    Eli Apple is right to call the Giants team a joke.

    Most of his players are gentlemen and good citizens.

    So far, Ohio State under Urban has avoided these dirty scandals. He stays away from promoting commercial goods other than Nike.

    I will be the first to criticize him if he stoops to Nick Saban levels.

  3. Elvis says:

    Great piece.


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