The Tribeca “Film” Festival has jumped the shark

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April 19, 2017- BPTV has extensively reported for years on how the Tribeca Film Festival was failing, no longer even in Tribeca anymore, and obsolete. No one gives a crap about indie films.

Crain’s reports that attendance has dropped 40%, so the “film festival” is now hosting talks wit Bruce Springsteen about his book, video game sessions, and TV programs.

Why is it called The Tribeca Film Festival?

Tribeca man questions why the Tribeca Film Festival still uses the name Tribeca

Tribeca Film Festival now forced to pay “interns”

MSG bails out struggling Tribeca Film Festival

American Express dumps Tribeca Film Festival

Did the Tribeca Film Festival benefit Downtown after 9/11?

Robert De Niro is an idiot and they should stop calling it the “Tribeca” Film Festival

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