Essay: Another Alt-Right lunatic suckers Trump into a bad policy decision

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Update December 18, 2018- Rarely does BPTV agree with puppet of the far-left Stephen Colbert, but he justifiably mocked Steven Miller for appearing on the Sunday shows with sprayed on fake hair. This guy is a big liability to Trump.

June 24, 2018- by Steven E. Greer MD

Trump foolishly hired a lot of bad apples into his first cabinet and they made his first 100-days unnecessarily controversial and counterproductive. Steve Bannon drafted some flagrantly racist travel bans on Muslim countries, which were tossed out by federal judges. Sean Spicer was a disaster as communications director, only to be replaced by an even worse Anthony Scaramucci.  All of this was taking place under the leadership of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who was as weird as his name, speaking slowly as if drunk, leaking White House information to the press in order to hurt Bannon and Scaramucci.

Trump is so good at firing people because he hires idiots. Well, it seems he has a few more that need to be weeded out.

Psychopath Steve Miller, a 32-year old with only a BA degree, who made fame by becoming a racial alt-right guy when the Duke lacrosse players were wrongly charged, who then became the communications director for Senator Jeff Sessions, who then weaseled his way into Trump’s inner circle. He is the one responsible for this blunderingly bad idea to use children as political pawns at the border.

Miller is a flagrant racist. “Alt-right” is a term thrown around unfairly by the left, but it is accurate in the case of Steven Miller.

While being anti-sanctuary-city and strong on borders are good political moves, only a moron like Steve Bannon or Steve Miller could screw up an easy play like this.

It was Jeff Sessions who launched this child-separation issue with a speech, thinking he would look good. Miller was behind that.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions has not been fired despite being AWOL for two-years as the Mueller investigation grows like a cancer. Miller is probably spinning to Trump that Jeff Sessions staying on the job is a good thing. For whatever reason, Trump seems to be gullible in certain ways and people like Bannon and Miller have exploited that weakness.

If President Trump wanted to make immigration his next focus after North Korea, with a big media stunt, trolling the liberals, he could have done so many other things. He could have focused on the families with children killed by illegal aliens. Heck, I think he could have even signed an executive order making it legal to shoot MS-13 gang members on site, or treat drug smugglers with fentanyl as foreign invaders to be shot too. Fentanyl is killing nearly 100,000 Americans a year. Trump could also press congress to declare war against the drug cartels and demand a wall.

Immigration is an easy political issue to score points, and this moron Steven Miller screwed it up. He has to go, along with Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions.

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