Essay: How the Clintons tried to fabricate 1968 all over again to impeach Trump

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November 18, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I watched the excellent Netflix documentary called Tricky Dick and the Cash Man. It is about the White House concert Johnny Cash gave to the Nixon administration in 1970. The film uses that incident to expand upon the bigger issues of the Vietnam war and political divide of the times.

Johnny Cash became a pop culture icon in 1968 with his “At Folsom Prison” album. He then had his own successful variety show on TV.

Nixon had won the election in 1968 and was constantly thinking about re-election. He wanted to connect with the blue-collar Southern voters and invited Johnny Cash to play at the White House.

Cash was known to be a patriotic man who supported Nixon’s strategy with Vietnam. Nixon thought that he could trust Cash, but during the concert, Cash surprised the audience with a new song about the youth of America wanting to know the truth. It was a shot at Nixon for lying about Vietnam (e.g. not telling the public that the U.S. was bombing Cambodia).

Anyone watching this film would be struck by the similarities 50-years later that we see today. The country is once again highly divided, young people are protesting, and the President of the United States is a crook who should be impeached, according to the left.

But when one lifts up the rock, the slimy worms to a Machiavellian plot are easily seen. Nothing about today is really similar to 1968-74.

The nation is not plucking young men from a draft lottery and sending them to die in a pointless war. There are not real protestors in the street, but rather paid protestors organized by Democrats and liberal plutocrats. President Trump has not violated any laws worthy of impeachment, despite two-years of a special investigator looking hard for any evidence of wrongdoing.

Then why is there such a false display by the left trying to make the country seem as if it is in a constitutional crisis like the Nixon years? I have a theory.

The failed coup of the Trump administration is becoming obvious. Obama Deep State stooges dreamed up a lame plot to simultaneously make excuses for the Hilary Clinton loss and oust Trump. But where did they get the idea for “Russian collusion” and so forth?

This failed coup is the brainchild of Baby Boomers who were 22-years old in 1968. Hmm. Who might that be? Perhaps Bill and Hillary Clinton?

It is not well known, but Nixon was almost impeached before he took office when it was discovered that he was tampering with LBJ’s Vietnam diplomacy and telling the Vietnamese to ignore LBJ. He was colluding with an enemy. That is what the left accuses Trump of doing with Russia.

Baby Boomers remember how successful the Vietnam protestors were at getting the US to back out of the war. Wouldn’t modern day protestors be convenient?

The same brains who thought they could conceal the Benghazi embassy debacle as a spontaneous riot caused by an anti-Muslim film, who thought they could lie about Monica Lewinsky, who thought they could conceal 30,000 emails on a private government server without anyone knowing, who thought they could meet with the Attorney General on a jet and not have anyone know about it, etc., are the same dimwits who thought that they could recruit the CIA, British intelligence, and the DOJ to stage a coup against Trump.

However, there are some genuine similarities to the Vietnam era and today. The majority of Americans see through the lies and the Democrat party is suffering backlash.

Prior to the Vietnam protestors, the South was mostly a blue Democrat region with the exception of Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. But after most of America got tired of the pot smoking hippies who had hijacked what began as legitimate war protests, the South turned into a red Republican region. The Vietnam protests backfired.

The same thing is happening now. The Democrats’ disgraceful tactics using paid protestors to disrupt the Justice Kavanaugh hearings and the nonstop propaganda on TV have caused a blue backlash. Republicans flipped key senate seats and defeated other close races that were funded with billions of dollars and had the endorsements of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

If my theory is correct, then the only thing that the Clintons achieved with their plot to use tactics from the Nixon years was to recreate the 1972 scenario that led to the re-election of Richard Nixon. Keep it up, Democrats.

History does seem to repeat itself every 50-years.

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