Essay: How Trump can make the Democrats the party in favor of necrophilia and killing women

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March 5, 2019– by Steven E. Greer, MD

The leaderless Democrats are so easy to troll and Trump has mastered it down to a science. Anything he supports, they oppose. Knowing that, he has successfully gotten the Democrats to be the party in favor of killing babies after birth, socialism, and abolishing borders.

Here is a great opportunity for him. He can come out in opposition of the violence in video games. He can cite this video game making the news today called Rape Day, which is designed for the sociopaths who enjoy watching wanton murder of women, incest, and necrophilia. Then, the liberals would take the bait and become the party in favor of gratuitous violence.

Trump did convene a panel on this after the Miami school shooting but never made it a big priority. However, if he made this a high-profile agenda, you can be sure that the propaganda arms of the Democrat party would mock him. Stephen Colbert and John Oliver would crack jokes, ignoring the fact that the school massacres are caused by these images of violence.

Not only would it be funny to watch the predictable response from the Democrats, but it would be the right thing to do. Every single young-male-turned-school-shooter was warped by violent video games. It is a proven fact that what people see on screens influences their behaviors in real life.

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