Essay: Trump and Pompeo have lost the upper hand with China and North Korea

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February 28, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

President Trump left Vietnam after abruptly canceling the talks he was having with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. It was obvious from body language that there would be no deal. Kim Jong-un was nervous and awkward, forcing fake smiles. He was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. He looked like a man who knew before the meeting even happened that he would not be allowed to make a deal because his parents did not approve of it (i.e. China dictated what he could or could not do).

Trump was clearly the person in charge trying to appease a little punk in the neighborhood. Trump seemed awkward too, however, because he could tell within seconds that there would be no deal.

The only way the United Stated can get North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons is to go back to the carrot and stick routine. Right now, it is all carrot. Trump and Pompeo have lost their way.

The U.S. needs to cut off every single ship going to North Korea and strangle the country with sanctions. This indecisive act is like being in a street fight and trying to start small talk.

Mike Pompeo thought that, by holding the talks in Vietnam, it would be a perfect way to show Kim Jong-un how his country could prosper if they saw the light. Vietnam was once a hellhole too when it tried to be a genuine orthodox communist country. Now, it has one of the best economies in the region.

But what Pompeo failed to fully appreciate is that China is calling the shots here. The U.S. should have been told by China that they blessed this second summit or else it was a waste of time. China is the boss of North Korea.

Trump is now trying to sweet-talk both China and North Korea. That will not work. He has lost his leverage. Trump needs to be holding the fire under China’s feet to pressure a deal with North Korea. Trump and Pompeo seem to be disoriented.

The entire summit was not very Trump-like. It seemed to be the product of inept Deep State “intelligence” planning, which it was.

Trump needs to do this now: Call off China trade talks, slap 25% tariffs on their slave-labor goods they export to the U.S., punish Apple, Amazon, and Walmart for being Chinese companies masquerading as American, then restart military action off the coast of North Korea.

Most importantly, Trump needs to stop delegating negotiations to any government official. Group-think and herd-mentality at the State Department and spy agencies result in garbage output. Trump is at his best when he is winging it like a cheesy reality TV star.

If Trump cannot win rapid concessions from China and North Korea, then give up on trying to denuclearize North Korea. They are not a direct threat to the U.S. now and will not be in the foreseeable future. North Korea is nothing but a satellite nation to China. The U.S. should focus on the threats from China.

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