Essay: Trump’s new 2020 slogan should be, “God Wants Trump Again”

February 3, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Sarah Sanders drew outrage from the communists this week when she said that Trump is president because God wanted it. Actually, one could make that argument. Look at the gifts from heaven this week, right before the State of the Union:

  • The Virginia Governor first gave Trump the ammunition to call the Democrats the “party of late-term abortion”. Then, as if god sent a message, he was exposed as being a flagrant racist who routinely dressed in black-face in 1984. That is not 1954, but rather 1984, when that sort of thing was totally unacceptable.
  • Bill Maher made another racist comment.
  • A C-list actor in Chicago with the brain of a small child perpetrated one of the worst hoaxes ever, claiming he was beaten up by white men yelling “Make America Great Again”
  • New caravans of migrants looking to storm the southern border are marching north, giving Trump good reason to build a wall.
  • Nancy Pelosi continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Senator Schumer’s top aid was fired for being a pig at the office.
  • Mueller overreached and conspired with CNN to raid Roger Stone.
  • Elizabeth Warren had to apologize to the Cherokee Nation for lying about being Native American.
  • Corey Booker launch his 2020 campaign, and immediately skeletons fell out of that closet. A man claims that he was sexually assaulted by Spartacus.
  • China came to terms with trade.
  • Howard Schultz wants to run as an Independent, which would destroy any Dem chance in 2020. Kermit the Frog Michael Bloomberg is thinking of the same, but can’t get any traction.
  • More than 300,000 jobs were added in January despite the government shutdown.

All of the above led to the Great Demplosion of 2019.

The new slogan by Trump, which would cause apoplectic seizures from the left, should be “God Wants Trump Again”

God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

(Related: Roger Waters wrote in 1991:

God wants boarders
God wants crack
God wants rainfall
God wants wetbacks

What God wants God gets
God wants voodoo
God wants shrines
God wants law

God wants organized crime
God wants crusade
God wants jihad
God wants good

God wants bad
What God wants God gets)

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