Happening in Ohio now: White girl cries rape. Black man gets prosecuted.

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Update October 20, 2018- The man accused of rape was found not guilty.

October 19, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

In the news today is fake outrage over an African American Republican Strategist who placed a radio ad warning that the current far-left hysteria seen during the Kavanaugh hearings will lead to the old days of when, “Democrats (could) lynch black men (simply when) a white girl screams rape.” I then thought to myself, “Wait. That is literally occurring right now in Columbus, Ohio.”

On trial now in Franklin County court is ex-Ohio State running back Bri’onte Dunn for allegedly raping his long-time white girlfriend. However, the woman has a past history of lying to police about rape charges and the judge in this instant case did not allow the jury to hear that evidence. It is also undisputed that both people dated for a long period of time. The alleged rape occurred after the two hooked up and Mr. Dunn left the apartment.

The only evidence in the case is the testimony by the accuser. There was no rape kit, no witness, etc. This case, arising amid the hysteria of the far-left who claim that Judge Kavanaugh is literally a sexual predator for an alleged incident in high school where no sexual activity was even alleged, is eerily reminiscent of the black lynchings described above.

These are genuinely scary times for all men. Prosecutors and judges are taking cases to court that they never would have previously. Most of the judges and prosecutors are Democrats and hope to score points with their local party leaders. It is repulsive and un-American.

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