Essay: It has been a very bad year for the establishment “resistance”

Update December 2, 2017- President Trump won his first battle in congress, passing the historic tax cut bill through the senate and house. In that bill is a provision to reverse the Obamacare mandate to purchase insurance. So, this was a double whammy for the establishment resistance.

This all comes as the puppets of the establishment on TV are biting the dust. Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have been ousted in disgrace, bringing down with them NBC News and CBS News.

Update November 21, 2017- Now, Charlie Rose has been taken down by accusations of creepy behavior. He was the go-to guy when establishment figures wanted an easy interview with softball questions. All of the other sexual predators, such as Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weintsein, have been interviewed by Rose. CBS, of course, knew all about his behavior and covered it up. So, the entire news network is throwing Charlie under the bus to pretend that they had no idea, just like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had no idea that Harvey Weinstein was a predator.

Update November 17, 2017- Bill Maher has also called it a year, admitting that he needs a break. With all of Hollywood crumbling around them, these liberal defenders have decided that it is best to hide under a rock until next year.

November 13, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The establishment “resistance” to populism is having a rough go at it. The pro-establishment propagandists on TV, created by the Obama administration over eight years, are starting to lose the will to fight. They see that nothing is working.

For examples, the lame attempt by the Washington Post, then propagated by failing TV news, to prevent Roy Moore from winning the Alabama senate race will fail. People like Bill Maher are already admitting that he will win. John Oliver has thrown in the towel and is calling it quits for the year. It is only November 12 and his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” is over for 2017. The actors and entertainers are starting to admit that President Trump is worth supporting. Brian Cranston is one. He criticized people wanting to see Trump fail. Even Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update admitted that Trump’s tweets are funny.

Meanwhile, the resistance sees no hope from the establishment Democrats to motivate them. Saturday Night Live mocked Pelosi, Schumer, and Hillary. Donna Brazile did her best to snuff out delusional Hillary, but not a single 2020 candidate is emerging to replace her.

Liberal movements, such as NFL kneeling or other protests, are backfiring. The epicenter of it all is crumbling with the sexual scandals from the biggest power brokers in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Trump is getting a respectable cabinet in place and the economy is booming. The Mueller investigation, designed to oust Trump, is only hurting Obama and Hillary stooges.

Establishment Republicans who fought Trump have to resign as they see their low poll numbers. Dozens of lifers in the GOP have been ousted and forced to “resign”

2017 has been a very very bad year for the far-left as well as the establishment. The resistance is failing.

The next group to fall that no one is talking about yet could be the Silicon Valley billionaires. It is a global trend by leaders to arrest billionaires who threaten their leadership. Saudi Arabia just rounded up more than a dozen billionaire princes.

Billionaires have no support from the masses and are sitting ducks. American boy billionaires, such as Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, have abused their power trying to stage a coup against the duly elected Trump administration. Trump’s DOJ and FTC can destroy Amazon or Facebook in a variety of ways, such as going after tax evasion or violations of the Civil Rights Act by the mostly-white-male companies.

That is what the resistance is really about. It is not a grass roots anger as we see with populism. Any protestors you see are literally paid by shady organizations funded by the billionaires. The establishment billionaires in this country know how vulnerable they are. They have seen the Arab Spring and crackdown in Saudi Arabia. They know that their businesses are not real bricks and mortars industries hiring many people.

The Silicon Valley billionaires know that a president who is not beholden to them for re-election can crush them with regulation and persecutions. Trump is their worst nightmare. They are scared, not angry, and are resorting to desperate moves, such as flagrant propaganda from their puppet news outlets.

The resistance is all about self-preservation of the billionaires, but their money is far less effective than it used to be. Few people watch TV or read papers and Op-Eds or ads in them have almost no impact. Lobbyists money cannot force politicians to continue to oppose Trump when they see that it causes them to lose office.

Around the world, 2017 was a bad year for billionaires, aside from the rise in the stock market. But money is of little use to imprisoned aristocrats. History repeats itself, and the pitchfork mobs of the French and American revolutions are at the gates.

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  1. bhauptm says:

    It always amazes me what people will say when they are on a sinking ship! #HaveAnotherGlassOfKoolaid

  2. Editor says:

    Fascinating psychology. I would like for you to detail rationally one accomplishment the resistance has achieve in the last 12 months since your candidate Hillary defeated herself.

  3. Chester says:

    Thank God Hilary was not elected. What a crook! The nation would have never recovered.
    Btw the Gateway citizens never elected a new president
    Pretty pathetic group
    Lefrak must be laughing

  4. bhauptm says:

    Let me thing about that. Oh, yes. Sinking DT’s approval rating. QED.

  5. Editor says:

    No GPTA president? What does that mean? Is it dissolved?

  6. profswaft says:

    Finally someone has the chutzpah to call out a failing party that only cared about themselves and their power, their corruption, the fake news, and their disregard of the laws.

    Next shoe to drop…. The Mueller Russian Investigation and the Uranium One Deal. G

    et some new blood will ya! This is why nothing ever gets done for the people.

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