Essay: Trump needs to go for the jugular

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February 17, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In hindsight, Trump’s big mistake was not making a swift strike to purge his opponents. When he fired Comey, over the subsequent seven days, the StopTrump Deep State in the DOJ strategized how to protect their arses. That is why they created the Mueller investigation. It was to prevent Trump from exposing their own wrongdoing and firing them.

Trump should have fired Rosenstein and the top layer of career swamp dwellers throughout the Executive Branch. However, he did not do this for two reasons:

A) He was surrounded by incompetent cabinet members, such as Jeff Sessions and Reince Priebus, many of whom were actively trying to oppose their own boss. His own legal team was staffed with incompetent lawyers, such as Michael Cohen and John Dowd.

B) Many members of the Republican congress were StopTrumpers, such as Flake, McCain, Ryan, and Graham. Trump had very little support at the time and he was too green at the job.

The lesson to be learned from this is that the first cabinet members chosen by a new president cannot be cronies rewarded for their help on the campaign (e.g. Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Reince Preibus). They must be smart and competent. The first year of a presidency makes or breaks a president. Trump literally turned the White House into a game of The Apprentice thinking that hiring imbeciles would be fun to watch. He played with fire.

The other lessons is to go for the jugular when fighting snakes in the swamp of DC. The Deep State spy agencies and lobbyists have too much to lose to allow real reform. In a street fight, most knockouts occur within seconds.

I argue that Trump should send his military to surround Langley and round up the CIA saboteurs leaking White House calls to other nations, for example, and fire them all, while closing the FBI at the same time. He should then shut down the NSA servers.

The president would be justified in doing this now that the coup d’état has been exposed.

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2 Responses to Essay: Trump needs to go for the jugular

  1. Dr. B says:

    He does need to play hardball.

    He needs to release the documents that show it was a coup attempt.
    Why he isn’t doing that is beyond me.

    He needs to go after Hillary and all the Deep State treasonous criminals.

    He needs to do this at SOME POINT even if he waits until the Mueller thing is out, especially if it shows he did nothing wrong, other than the stuff a NY real estate developer needs to do to succeed.


  2. Chester says:

    I think the problem is also Kushner and his daughter.Because of the betrayals of the above, he has relied on them. But they are blue state democrats and many of the real missteps were caused by Kushner’s hirings (e.g. McMaster), his alleged mistress who was friends with Sheryl Sandburg of Facebook, not firing Comey at beginning but then deciding to fire Comey at worst time, not building the wall, Chris Christie would have been better than Sessions but kushner had animosity.

    KellyAnne Conway is a good spokeswoman but her husbands tweets should be enough to fire her. WTF is up with that.

    Kushner and Ivanka appealing to democrats hasn’t gotten Trump one new vote but has alienated some of his biggest rust belt supporters.

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