Essay: Trump’s big mistake to support a murdering Saudi Prince

Update November 21, 2018- Now that the Deep State has leaked the proof that the Saudi Prince ordered the murder of the journalist, Trump is forced to either capitulate, throw the prince under the bus, or stay the course. Inexplicably, against the advice of friendly Republicans, Trump is supporting the Saudi Prince with an outrageous statement claiming that we still do not know the truth.

It all makes sense now. Rand Paul tweeted that he believes the Trump response is being orchestrated but that war-hawk creepy guy John Bolton.

October 18, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Any sane populist who supports Trump knows that he is a deeply flawed vessel for the movement. The man commits unforced errors more than Serena Williams or John McEnroe. So, when Trump had a rare good week, getting Judge Kavanaugh confirmed, renegotiating NAFTA, and having the communists on the left become more and more unelectable, it was only a matter of time before Trump screwed it up.

Sure enough, this week, Trump has done just that.

It started when his California lawyer (the same one who won a big defamation verdict for Hulk Hogan) got the Stormy Daniels defamation case tossed, and also now has her on the hook for legal fees. Instead of enjoying the big win, Trump inexplicably tweeted an insult calling her “horse face” Sure, she body shamed him by talking about his penis, and he would be justified in retaliating if he were not the fricken President of the United States, but he is POTUS.

Then, he did something far worse, angering his populist base. As news unfolds making it clear that the Saudi Arabia kingdom ordered a journalist to be murdered in Turkey, Trump went on the defense of the terrorists (Saudi Arabia funded and caused 9/11 and has been funding ISIS and many other radical terrorist organizations). Even Fox News was advocating that Trump snuff out the thug prince who thinks he can do anything he wants.

On Thursday, it got worse when the Saudis killed a key witness. He was found dead after a “car crash”

Why is Trump doing this? It is for the same reasons all previous presidents have done this, and it is not for strategic reasons.

Trump has a personal vested interested in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has purchased numerous multi-million-dollar Trump apartments from him. If you think that does not bias someone more than any concern for the nation, think again.

After 9/11 occurred, air traffic was shut down all across the nation. The only planes allowed to fly were those carrying Saudi Arabian family members out of the country. That is because Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, had deep ties in Saudi Arabia. Being a Texan in the oil business, W Bush also had been trained to do whatever the Saudis wanted. He infamously bowed to the Saudi King, for example.

Long before China figured this out, the Saudis have learned that they can infiltrate this nation from the White House on down if they simply formed business relationships with the leaders of the country.

President Trump needs to reverse his flagrant appeasement of Saudi Arabia at once. He is angering his populist base. This week has been yet another unforced error by Trump.

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