Essay: Pondering the historic importance of the fledgling #MeToo movement

February 5, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Now that I get all of my TV through a streaming app, I can watch it on my iPhone as soon as I wake up. It replaces the old-fashioned Twitter and other social media garbage that I used to check.

Whenever the atrocious CBS This Morning show comes on, I cringe. But it made me think about something: This #MeToo movement is less than two-years old, if you count it as starting when Ronan Farrow took down Harvey Weinstein in the New Yorker, and yet it is clearly one of those historic moments that comes long every fifty-years or so. It came out of nowhere. The anger fueling it was bottled up for decades. It is much like the surprise events in 1968 when race riots erupted.

Why did CBS This Morning made me think of this bigger topic? It was in the epicenter of the #MeToo movement with Charlie Rose, and then CEO Les Moonves, becoming fallen targets. Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell were huge enablers of Charlie. They tried to make the show watchable by making risqué jokes hinting at Charlie Rose’s personal life. That made them poster-women for the #SheToo movement that is getting far less attention. Their behavior was so egregious that liberal shows, such as John Oliver’s, mocked them. Now, the show is trying too hard to be “serious news” The women use deep radio voices and stern faces.

Norah and Gayle still have their jobs, but the entire show will likely be cancelled soon.  David Rhodes and Les Moonves protected them, and both men have been ousted. They are dead women walking. They are suffering from New York media bubble delusions and denial.

The entire industry of TV news will implode soon. People at the top know this, but the producers and on-air people keep plugging away, collecting large paychecks, as their Titanic sinks. Their hubris goes unchecked.

The #MeToo movement has entirely changed the way that Hollywood operates too. Harvey Weinstein was just the most offensive one, separated from the herd and eaten by the lions. However, virtually every single dweeb male who found himself holding power over attractive actors and actresses has abused their power for sex. One could make the argument that the prime objective of becoming an agent, producer, director, or studio head is to have sex with subordinates. Making movies is just an end to a mean.

Because Hollywood was the most abusive place on earth for women, aside from Sharia Law countries, the fear amongst the remaining men in power, not yet targeted by the #MeToo mob, is causing them to censor every production. All movie and TV sets now have “diversity” enforcers. Even the cheap porn productions over the Hills in the Valley are feeling the pressure to be politically correct.

The result has been the Dark Ages in Hollywood that no one is discussing. Most TV dramas from HBO, Netflix, etc. have bombed. Not only is there no longer gratuitous sex, but the plots are all the same now, with some overlooked young girl becoming a super-bad-ass. When the final Game of Thrones airs, the plot will focus on several different women vying for the ultimate power throne. There will be no sex.

The Best Picture nominees for the 2018 Academy Awards were some of the least watched in history. In other words, most people did not like them. They were acts of reparation. The nominees this year are even worse. Hollywood can no longer make good films.

The #MeToo movement has tried to spread into other industries and government. Congress has such powerful, hypocritical, laws protecting them from scrutiny that few politicians have fallen so far. Only the really dumb ones, like Al Franken, who took photos of themselves groping women, have been forced out.

When the Democrats tried to use every trick they knew of to stop the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, it backfired. It is hard to tell whether that was a turning point in the #MeToo movement.

The #MeToo movement is another chapter in history that can be filed along with the Bolshevik and French Revolutions. Despicable people, such as Harvey Weinstein, abused power and committed atrocities. Hollywood became a sanctuary city, literally, for pedophiles and rapists. It was institutionalized.

However, unlike those other more famous revolutions, the vast majority of the villains have not been brought to justice in this #MeToo revolution. They still make millions and live in their mansions North of Los Angeles. To protect themselves, they are using the movies as shields, creating appeasement propaganda, destroying an entire genre of art.

Soon, the goose laying the golden eggs will stop producing, and then the entire bubble will burst. Netflix cannot continue spending billions on hundreds of productions as long as the diversity cops stifle any good content. HBO has no big hit shows. The Big Screen productions are on life support.

What comes next will be interesting to watch.

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