Essay: Hollywood Communists Control Mayor de Blasio and Disrupt Communities at Will with Film Shoots

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October 4, 2018- A Tribeca dog walker with a blog is complaining about the incessant Hollywood films shoots that shut down streets. However, the bigger story is why this is allowed.

For more than 50-years, the far-left, often communist, Hollywood scum, such as Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves, have gotten their way with big city liberal mayors, such as Mayor de Blasio. People should demand that these Hollywood shoots pay the city handsomely, and also compensate condo owners inconvenienced.

And another thing: DA’s and cops in LA and New York need to stop ass kissing the celebrities. In LA, it is next to impossible to get a celebrity arrested, even when they murder somebody. Harvey Weinstein had the Manhattan DA look the other way for decades.

Update January 24, 2019- Now, Governor Quid Pro Cuomo is getting in on the act of pandering the the communists from Hollywood. He signed a law giving even more corporate welfare tax breaks to studios who film in New York.

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