Essay: Hollywood is Dead

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Update February 24, 2019- Five-years after me essay entitled Hollywood is On Life Support, I am changing this title to Hollywood is Dead. The Oscars tonight will be the iconic moment solidifying this.

Update February 24, 2019- I miss the good old days when Harvey Weinstein rigged the Oscars. At least there were some interesting presenters. This Oscars show is so bad, I’m laughing out loud. There is clearly no leadership at all. They cannot even get a host.

The entire Academy that runs this stuff has been devastated by the #MeToo movement.

Update February 22, 2015- I think that one out of ten of the red carpet dresses look even remotely flattering on the women. These fashion designers are perverted and care more about attention to themselves than making the wearer look good.

The Oscars are a confluence of three f*cked up industries in decline: TV, fashion, and Hollywood

Update February 5, 2015- The NYT reports that the main governing body for Hollywood might be dismantled or overhauled. This is what happens when an industry dies.

Update January 28, 2015- Variety has an article called “Broken Hollywood” interviewing dozens of executives about the broken Hollywood model.

Update December 29, 2014- Bloomberg reports that the North American box office revenue for 2014 will be down 5.2% from 2013, and the lowest since 2011.

November 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

As people shun the inconveniences of the movie theater in favor of their own home theaters, the old Hollywood business model is failing rapidly. The only movies that get people to go to the theaters are kid movies, or brainless action flicks. The artistic movies are getting almost no viewers.

The award season is upon us and the art flicks have debuted. They have all been complete failures at the box office despite receiving ample promotions.

  • Rosewater, the Jon Stewart film about Iran and journalism, has earned a paltry $2 Million over two weeks.
  • Foxcatcher, starring Steve Carell, also earned only $822,000 over two weeks!
  • Kill the Messenger, a film with big star Jeremy Renner, about a journalist who was smeared by the CIA, earned only $2.5 Million
  • Citizenfour, a film about Ed Snowden, earned $1.2 Million
  • Birdman, with Ed Norton and Michael Keaton, has earned only $14 Million

When you watch the Oscars in a few months, all of the above will be winning awards. However, virtually no one is watching them in the theaters.

Some artistic films have succeeded, because they had big stars.

  • The Hundred-Foot Journey, a film about chefs, earned $55 Million
  • The Judge earned $45 Million
  • Interstellar earned $120 Million

So, if you want to make a film that has Oscar-appeal and is also seen by people, you had better cast Mathew McConaughey or Helen Mirren.

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