Essay: People who need to go away in 2018

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December 9, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

We are less than a month away from the New Year when everyone makes resolutions and plans on how to make the year better than the last one. 2017 was dominated by bad humans who need to disappear in 2018.

In politics, The White House needs to do more house cleaning. Ousting Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon were good moves. Now, President Trump needs to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Based on his numerous “interviews” by congressional panels and Robert Mueller, and the fact that he so quickly recused himself from the Russian scandals, Mr. Sessions is clearly too compromised to do his job. The Mueller investigation is turning up evidence that clearly indicates the previous administration corrupted the government beyond belief. People need to be prosecuted to get this country back on track. Only a new AG who is not guilty of crimes him or herself can do this.

Elsewhere in the administration, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs establishment stooge, needs to go away. His creepy, materialistic, luxury-goods-coveting, face-lifted, gold digger of a wife is sending the wrong message to Trump’s populist base. Likewise, fellow Goldman alumnus Gary Cohn needs to go. He has been utterly useless.

The most important disappearance in politics we need in 2018 is for Hillary Clinton to go away, preferably to prison. The far-left needs to wake up and realize that they could have had a President Bernie Sanders if it weren’t for her corrupt rigging of the election.

And no folks, Trump will not go away via impeachment. The only person to go away will be Robert Mueller. It has been a bad bad year for the resistance. They need a new strategy.

In television, the heads of NBC, CBS, and CNN need to go away. At NBC, Andrew lack clearly knew all about Matt Lauer for years and looked the other way as he engaged in egregious sexual misconduct. Likewise, at CBS, David Rhoades knew all about Charlie Rose. At CNN, Jeff Zucker has created an abomination that gives President Trump the power of the victim.

The coworkers of the men who have fallen also need to go. Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell knew all about Charlie Rose. Savannah Guthrie enabled Matt Lauer. Their false outrage in the aftermath was cringe provoking.

From the establishment resistance, the failed comedians and actors who are trying to stay relevant by becoming conscientious activists full of false outrage are hurting the cause rather than helping. Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler have both lost their real TV jobs. Handler was even fired from streaming Netflix, while Silverman supposedly has a Hulu show somewhere that no one watches. Kathy Griffin is below even them. All of their divisive hate speech against Trump simply aids President Trump.

Late night television died in 2017. All of the Jimmy’s need to go. Kimmel and Fallon are not funny and are doing nothing to help the resistance. Colbert is worse. They all create a false reality for the failing far-left that actually encourages them to stay the failing course.

In “music”, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift need to go away. They are both creations of powerful public relations efforts. No one really likes them. Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones was so poorly received that it was almost cut. Swift’s attempts to become a bad ass rapper are painful to watch.

In movies, Star Wars and Batman need to die, once and for all. No more Return of the Jedi or Batman Lives. Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck, along with Matt Damon, need to go away. They enabled Harvey Weinstein for decades. The entire Academy Awards need to take a year off.

In sports, the football kneelers need to go. Much like the failed comedians, Colin Kaepernick was a failed quarterback who would have been benched regardless of his protests. His few dozen acolytes are just uneducated fools being misled. The way to address white cop murderers is not by driving fans away from stadiums. Thursday NFL and Friday college football also need to go away. In golf, until Tiger Woods admits that he is a junkie, he needs to stay gone.

There are many more people who could be listed as being bad for this country. Please post comments on your own wish-list.

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