Review: “Bodyguard” limited series on Netflix

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October 28, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

Netflix obtained the rights to the BBC limited series called Bodyguard. It stars Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden as ex-special forces David Budd.

Budd is now a police officer trained in anti-terrorism who gets assigned to protect the British government’s head of homeland security. She is a conservative neocon war hawk and threatens the status quo enjoyed by her political foes. They stage a coup and try to kill her (just like the Deep State attempt to oust Trump).

Richard Madden does a great job and was given an excellent script. This series is worth watching.

It is interesting to see a government-funded BBC show depict radical Islam as a problem in the U.K. A few years ago, such a show would not have been allowed to proceed. But now, much of Europe has already elected conservative populist leaders as the old Obama-era stooges are discarded.

Some aspects of this show really annoyed me, but I am not sure it is fair to blame the writers.

First, there literally needs to be captions at the bottom as if it were a foreign film. The epidemic of British mumbling in films is reaching new highs. David Budd and others speak in such a thick Scottish accent that I could not come close to understanding large chunks of dialogue (The film Dunkirk was the same).

Secondly, there seemed to be an extreme PC agenda to depict “women at the top of their game” leading the country. Tracy Ulman’s BBC show has a skit that mocks the BBC for doing this.

However, this may be a reality in the UK and not a false depiction. The country is led by a Queen after all. Maybe the head of the police, homeland security, SWAT teams, etc. are women in the UK.

Finally, I noticed something else that was refreshing. The BBC is not secretly trying to kill viewers by glamorizing cigarettes. None of the characters smoked. In contrast, watch anything created by Netflix or HBO. I am convinced that the communists in Hollywood have dreamed up a scheme to kill key conservative demographics by bring back smoking. However, socialized medicine in the U.K. tries to lower healthcare costs by reducing smoking, for example.

Anyway, only I would spot stupid stuff like that. Just relax and enjoy the show.

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