Essay: Fox and Friends is degrading to women

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October 8, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Fox and Friends is just over the top. The Roger Ailes 1960’s sexist mentality is alive and well and Fox.

I have been forced to watch this despicable brainless Fox and Friends because Trump made it relevant. In the year or so that I have watched, I have never heard this fake-blond airhead Ainsley Earhardt say more than a few words at a time. She just sits there like a sex doll.

Well, she opened her mouth today. Good lord, she has a bad voice. When Hollywood actors try to do a Southern accent, they usually mess it up. This is what she sounds like. She is a parody of herself.

Later in the show, Fox had Ainsley Earhardt lead a panel of women who are supposed to be credible people. The lady in the pink is a lawyer. The other one is a political science professor, and so forth.

But Fox placed them in chairs so that their legs would show, and had them wear skirts. This is nothing but up-skirt porn.

I am far from a false-outrage male feminist, but even for me, this is degrading to women. It is 2018. The #MeToo movement is in full force, and we still see this 1960’s Man Men era sexual exploitation on TV?

Tone it down, you tone deaf Fox executives.

(Editor’s Note: I used to do a lot of Fox TV appearances. The place makes my skin crawl. Currently, Fox is the only channel to give viewers information on the populist movement, but they cannot be trusted. This is the same network that shilled for W Bush and got us into trillion-dollar wars. This is the same network that still employs Karl Rove.)

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