Essay: Saturday Night Live’s fecklessness proves liberal media propaganda influence is nearly dead

May 20, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

All of the pain and suffering that any patriotic American has had to endure over the last two years, watching the liberal media bash President Trump in hopes of impeaching a duly elected president, has not been for naught. We have played a part in a grand social experiment.

Last night, the leading indicator of liberal propaganda, Saturday Night Live, seems to have killed off the Alec Baldwin Trump character in a skit mimicking the last Sopranos episode. Previously for the Mother’s Day episode, they began the show with cast members as their mothers complained about the over-the-top incessant Trump bashing. SNL clearly recognizes that they have become the joke and are planning to end the Trump bashing agenda.

Despite the panicked full-court-press propaganda efforts of the far-left Hollywood media, the Trump administration continued to chug along unfazed, succeeding with tax cuts, North Korea, China, and immigration. Trump’s personal approval ratings continue to soar despite the smears from SNL. This is all on top of the fact that SNL tried its best to stop Trump from getting elected in the first place and failed.

The last two-years have been tough indeed for the Hollywood resistance. People, such as Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, CBS News, Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, Jeff Bezos, Robert Di Niro, and many others, destroyed their entertainment brands in last-ditch efforts to zealously overthrow a duly elected president, and they failed.

Hollywood has become virtually irrelevant in modern society. The entire concept of “celebrity” has vanished. The only people going to the theaters are dumb teens for action films or small kids for animation films. Broadcast TV is far less viewed than it was 20-years ago, and less still in relevance.

The #MeToo Hollywood crisis did not occur in a vacuum. If Hollywood were still relevant and making money, producers would still be able to get away with doing bad things to women. Harvey Weinstein evaded persecution for decades because Hollywood was making money (and Hillary Clinton, Harvey’s friend, was thought by everyone to be the next president).

Hollywood is virtually dead as a brainwashing tool for the masses. But social media has not replaced them as the modern-day influencers. Minds are not shaped by Twitter or YouTube, despite self-appointed “Influencers” No one cares.

People are no longer brainwashed by powerful media. The CIA and Russian counterparts can no longer use propaganda to sway mass opinion. People are voting less based on the party line. Instead, they are voting their conscience. For example, young women despised Hillary and more women overall voted for Trump than Hillary. Soon, enough of the black voting population, prospering now in this economy, will stop voting Democrat, and this has the establishment scared.

The amazing confluence of events that got Trump elected was not a fluke. Those forces are still in play, two-years later. Media still has no impact on mass opinion. The more the propagandists try, the more they flail.

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  1. bhauptm says:

    Hope you’re not planning to run off and work for the Trump White House Obfuscation Machine (TWHOM) with Miller, Gorka, Stone, Conway, Giuliani, Nunes, et al. Some of your blogs are still really good!

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