The Late Reviewer: Deadpool 2

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September 20, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

I renewed my Netflix after taking a several-month break due to lack of content from Hollywood. There was still nothing to watch other than Deadpool 2 in the queue.

I enjoyed the first Deadpool. But sure enough, the corporate suits took ahold of this second film and utterly destroyed it. The first Deadpool was good only because it was made on a low budget and no one in the C-suite cared about it. Now, Disney and Fox are thinking of a franchise.

The only thing recognizable in this film from the first one is Ryan Reynolds. He still has sarcastic lines, but they fall flat.

What is new this time is a bigger budget and a mandate from 20th Century Fox studios to reach a bigger global audience. So, that means more mindless explosions and fights. More CGI. More formulaic comic book movie crap.

Then, making matters worse, the studio bogged this film down with political agenda plugs for same-sex couples, token non-white gratuitous characters, and plenty of “girl power” messaging. The studios even inserted lines that had the characters objecting to the term “X Men” and used “X Person” instead.

Aside from all of that Hollywood brainwashing, this film was simply mind numbingly boring. The characters were written poorly and the directing was bad.

Other than that, I liked it.

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