Essay: Hoaxsters of racial attacks do not understand racism in America

Update February 15, 2019- Told you so. The C-list actor who  staged a child-like hoax weeks ago concocted it all for attention because he was being written off of his show Empire.

Two Nigerian brothers will be charged in helping him. He paid them to stage it all.

January 31, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

It has been more than 50-years since the Civil Rights movement and shooting of Martin Luther King, Jr. yet racism is still flourishing in America. It no longer resembles the lynchings commonly seen as late as the 1960’s. It is not seen in the form of the KKK. It has gone underground and has been institutionalized. The Democrat party is largely to blame.

Today, another story about an alleged hate crime attack of a black man in Chicago is dominating the news. The entire story is clearly a hoax, like the dozens of others that have been debunked since President Trump came to office.

An unknown actor who plays a small role on Fox’s show Empire, Jussie Smollett, who is one the many C-list celebrities trying to promote careers by pandering to the StopTrump fascists, who has a long history of bashing Trump, who has a music video depicting a lynching rope, now claims that he was brutally attacked near or inside his Chicago apartment. He claims that two “masked white men” (how does he know they were white if they wore masks?) beat him up, broke ribs, threw bleach on him, put a mock lynching rope around his neck, and yelled “Make America great Again.”


However, the FBI and Chicago police have found no evidence to support the allegations. He did not suffer broken ribs. He went to the hospital and was released. There is no security footage showing people attacking him or entering his home. 24-hours later, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, feeling political pressure to turn this into an incident to hurt Trump, likely instructed his police to pretend that they have “persons of interest” seen on video, but the photos are useless. The entire police report was first made by the actor’s business manager.

There have been numerous hoaxes that follow this same script: A social activist black man claims that some white people committed a hate crime to a church or on campus. The bogus stories have often involved ropes tied as lynching nooses, making their hoaxes even more deplorable as they exploit the deaths of blacks before the Civil Rights movement for their own personal gain. Hoax arson attacks on black churches are also despicable because real hate crimes against those churches do happen.

What these child-brained hoaxsters do not realize that most whites suffer from the opposite of racism. They have white guilt. That is how President Obama got elected. He strategically played the “harmless likable black guy” who would not scare the cracker vote. He played into this white guilt.

These hoaxsters faking racists hate crimes have never experienced in their lives anything remotely like the racism commonly seen before the Civil Rights laws. They have never seen a “Colored-Only” bathroom or had anyone they know murdered by noose. So, they are forced to dream up these lame implausible plots using the best imagination that they can muster.

Real racism, and even forms of slavery, exist today, but it is not coming in the form of KKK-style behavior. It has been institutionalized, mostly by the help of the Democrat party. It is secretive and invisible to the naked eye.

College campuses, those bastions of far-left fascism and fake social justice warriors, commit the worst racism by profiting from modern slavery. Billions of dollars are made from NCAA sports, but those players are not paid. They destroy their bodies for nothing but cheap apartment housing while playing the role of “student athlete” The white coaches and athletic directors earn millions from Nike as they exploit the players (and they also exploit child labor in Asia that makes their crap sneakers.). Then, Nike runs a pro-Colin-Kaepernick ad and all is good.

Why do all of the liberal professors and students stay mum? Money is the common fuel for all things bad. If you want to institutionalize racism, there has to be a profit made. The best way to silence a liberal with false outrage is to pay them.

When the Democrats make it possible for illegal aliens to cross the borders and stay here, they are enabling another form of modern slavery. Those workers are forced to bend over in fields picking fruits and vegetables or do construction for well-below minimum wage. Those immigrants also take jobs in the service industries, washing dishes or cleaning houses. Every time a wealthy liberal employs an illegal worker in their home, they are personally participating in slavery.

Modern racism has taken form in our criminal and civil judicial systems. High schools should make field-trips to 100 and 111 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan. Every day, people who cannot afford an attorney are evicted by wealthy white landlords or sentenced to jail. The vast majority of them are brown people.

Modern racism has taken form in the real estate industry in another way too. Segregated communities exist with impunity in New York City, for example, despite numerous laws requiring certain percentages of the apartments be rented as “affordable housing” The laws are completely ignored and the judges, who are all in the pockets of the real estate tycoons, look the other way.

Modern racism has taken form in our police agencies. Before a dumb punk even makes it to court for his farce of a trial, he can easily have the death sentence administered to him out in the field by a police officer with a gun.

Modern racism has taken form in the music industry. Extremely damaging and insulting racial stereotypes are promulgated by rap music as the white Jimmy Iovine, or white rappers, such as Eminem and Drake, make billions. The sucker kids listening to the crap, who think it is their gateway to fame, end up in prison. The women beaten up and left as single-mothers by men who listen to the misogynistic lyrics are the victims too.

Modern racism has taken form throughout the so-called liberal media industries. It is not just the music industry.

The TV news networks all bend over backwards to portray a team of racially diverse anchors. But their “black” on-air staff are usually only 25% or 50% African (e.g. CBS’ crew of Vladimir Duthiers, Anne-Marie Green, Michele Miller, and Alex Wagner). The racist news presidents, such as David Rhodes, Ben Sherwood, and Andy Lack don’t want to offend their all-white viewers with an intimidating “scary black man” person of 100% African decent.

Hollywood was so white that they got busted. Now, the white studio heads are promoting comic book movies, like Black Panther, as “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards as a reparations move.

The fact is that President Trump has done far more for people of color than Obama and the entire Democrat party has ever done. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at never-seen-before low levels. He signed into law a bipartisan prison reform bill. Most importantly, he even has praise from Kanye West!

Racism is alive and well in the year 2019. President Trump, nationalism, or white supremacy are strawmen created by the Democrats to deflect the blame. During the Civil War, it was “Yankee” New York City that profited from the industries powered by slavery in the Confederate South. Modern-day Brooklyn and Manhattan are as segregated as they were 100-years ago. Blacks are murdered by the hundreds in Chicago as white Rahm Emanuel governs the city. Hillary Clinton called black youth “superpredators” 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris took pride in jailing homeless single-black mothers who could not keep an eye on their kids skipping school. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johns, all Democrats, were hard-core racists. Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond was a member of the KKK and the Clintons still spoke well of him at his funeral.

Most news stories since 2016 about white-on-black hate crimes have been proven to be hoaxes prepared by puppets of the far-left dangling fame and money as a reward. An entire industry within the bubbles of DC and New York has formed that profits from false claims of racism.

They are all Democrats. Racism is part of every large institution thanks to Democrats.

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