Tucker Carlson uses BPTV story on Jeff Epstein

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July 15, 2019- by Steven Greer, MD

With the breaking Jeffrey Epstein story, the morons in the media were calling him “hedge fund billionaire” But I knew that he was not running a hedge fund at all. I suspected that he was being sponsored by true billionaire Les Wexner. It all smelled like a Bernie Madoff 2.0

I told Fox Business on Thursday to run with my story. I already knew he was not a “hedge funder” manager and suspected that the private jet he used was not his as well. One person replied. I am sure the message was also sent to all of the producers.

Tonight, Monday, Melissa Francis did a nice job tracing Epstein’s wealth and connecting him to Les Wexner. She used it on Tucker Carlson’s show over at Fox News. Although, much of her reporting came from other stories in other outlets, and she failed to mention that.

She also did not give me any credit, of course. I expected that. However, it is possible that she had no idea it was my idea. I give my ideas to the top brass and they filter it down.

But then things got weird. I received a text message from Justin Wells, the executive producer for Tucker Carlson. He did not acknowledge that their segment was my story. He even pretended to not know it was me despite me giving him my name earlier. They were clearly acting like guilty thieves.

Then, a man using a phone number I believe to belong to the actual Tucker Carlson, contacted me via text and played dumb too, pretending to not know who I was. He claimed his name was Chris Wallace, who is a producer at Fox who worked with me at Fox Business for years. But the correspondence did not seem like Chris Wallace. I tried to call the number and they did not pick up.

This is how the morons in the media work. Long before they became flagrant propagandists, they were simply dumb, lazy, and unethical thieves of intellectual property.

The Murdoch companies at News Corp and Fox have stolen my ideas so many times that I have lost track. I had to pay a big law firm one time to send News Corp a letter about their theft of an idea for a web show I gave to the CEO of Dow Jones.

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