Crooked de Blasio gives favor to his helicopter company donors

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Tourist helicopters seaportJuly 21, 2016- Mayor de Blasio is under federal investigation for giving quid pro quo favors to political slush fund donors. It seems, if you want a zoning restriction lifted, just donate to de Blasio. If you want a lucrative ferry boat contract, just donate.

Now, those noise-nuisance tourist helicopters will be allowed to continue for another six-years.

Downtown Express reports, “A group of mayoral appointees voted to extend the deal allowing tourist helicopters to operate from Downtown’s Pier 6 — over the opposition of elected officials who hoped to deny any contract that would allow the locally loathed industry to persist.

All of the appointed members of the city’s Franchise and Concession Review Committee voted on July 13 in favor of extending the concession allowing Saker Aviation Services to operate helicopter tours out of the Downtown Manhattan Heliport for another five years, while writing into the contract the terms of an agreement reached earlier this year to cut the number of flights in half by 2017.

But the only elected officials with a vote on the panel — Borough President Gale Brewer and Comptroller Scott Stringer — voted against the new contract, arguing that the helicopter-tour industry should be banished from Lower Manhattan entirely.

“There should be no tourist helicopters in New York City, period,” said Stringer, who preceded Brewer as Borough President. “They provide little economic payback and instead bombard our communities with unrelenting noise and pollution, which is why they’ve been banned elsewhere in the five boroughs.”

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