Essay: Citizens need to fight back against corrupt port authorities

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January 11, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I went to book a Hertz at the Phoenix airport. They charge $100 in airports taxes and other surcharge scams. A $260 base reservation goes to $385, a or 50% tax!

Screw that. I am getting an Uber.

Of course, before I even land and need a car, I will have been stripped of my constitutional rights once I stepped into an airport. I will have been charged fee after fee by the airlines.

The airlines get away with this because they are heavily involved in politics and lobbying. They are pseudo-government agencies now that they have all merged into three behemoths.

Nationwide, our ports (i.e. bridges, tunnels, toll roads, airports) are scamming Americans. They are run by crooked cities and states that have huge pensions to pay for their employees. Much of the revenue is peeled away by corrupt construction contractors.

It is time to awaken Americans to these scams. Awake the sleeping the giant.

The few hundred thousands parasitic city and state employees in New York, for example, should be run out of town. The greater population of 10 Million could force politicians to make changes if the voters were encourage to revolt, much like the yellow vest protestors in Europe now.

Millions of New Yorkers each day pay $40 to cross a bridge and cram into 1900’s-era subways that break down. The MTA is broken. The LIRR and Metro North are broken. The airports are Third World.

Wake up!

Demand that President Trump’s FTC break up these airline monopolies.

Demand a challenge to the Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of the shadow government “authorities”, such as the Port Authority and BPCA. They operate by taxation without representation as cronies to the governors of the three states are appointed to run them.

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