Essay: Gauging the state of the union from the State of the Union Address

February 6, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Some of the key moments from President Trump’s State of the Union Address that I spotted were the following:

  • The new Democrat women wearing white ignored Speaker Pelosi and stood for Trump on several occasions.
  • When Trump called out Adam Schiff over partisan investigations, he looked embarrassed, and few seemed willing to support him. The room was quiet.
  • Pelosi made a fool of herself by standing and reading papers as Trump spoke, and by trying to be a snarky teenager at age 80. Her lack if appeal amplifies how the party is lost. This is exactly the train wreck she feared and why she tried to cancel the entire SOTU.
  • None of the lame 2020 contenders looked good. Ocasio-Cortez was shunned. Corey Booker had an absurd intentional scowl on his face, trying to be the biggest of the Trump haters, and Kamala Obama Harris had her usual weird hyper-arrogant-smug look on her face.
  • The Democrat response, from a black woman, said “but we don’t want Trump to fail” That is something we would not have been heard last year.

This morning, even the TV propagandists had to admit that Trump did well. Polls show that 80% of independents approved of the speech and more than 90% of Republicans did. Trump is making Reagan look inferior at this point.

I think the communist revolution of 2017-18 has sputtered out. The Kavanaugh circus was their last gasp.

The only interesting discussion now is not 2020 but rather can the populism continue in 2024. I have the leading candidates in 2024 being Tom Brady, Tucker Carlson, and Mike Pompeo.

However, Carlson and Pompeo lack the widespread appeal that Brady has. At the time of this post nobody is talking about Tom Brady entering politics. Stay tuned.

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