Essay: Internet censorship is out of control

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March 8, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Drudge Report is one of the news aggregation sites that I check each day to make my own news summary story. I noticed that he has been frozen on Twitter for many months. I assumed that he was blocked, which is very common.

I then used the iPhone function that lets one make a little icon on one’s screen for quick access to a website. I made one for Drudge and worked. Now, that too has not been working of late. It shows up as all white. But I can get the Drudge Report if I search for it on a different browser. There is nothing wrong with the mobile website.

It seems to be that Apple’s Safari browser is blocking Drudge. This is what they do in China!

Then, I searched the Internet and found chat rooms on this. Apparently, Drudge used to have an official app too, but Apple removed it from the iTunes Store.

Meanwhile, there is no question that Google is shadow-banning BatteryPark.TV. It is the most read local sources in Lower Manhattan (now that DowntownExpress went belly-up and TribecaCitizen sold out), yet none of our stories now appear in daily Google alerts. Twitter closed BPTV down a long time ago.

BPTV is much more controversial than Drudge. All Drudge does is link to other mainstream newspapers. But he is popular and a favorite of conservatives. Drudge is a threat if one is trying to engage in propaganda.

This censorship is out of control.

Coincidentally, a huge 600-page book from a Harvard professor just arrived in the mail. It’s called the The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The author has many chapters focused on the bigger picture of how power has been obtained throughout history and how the new forms of power will be coming via manipulation of information from the Internet.

I was one of the first people to warn the world about this back in 2011. I was on the front page of the WSJ! I told you so.

All of these tech companies are so desperately afraid that they are going to lose their current power if Trump is reelected that they are pulling out all stops. They are engaging in flagrant fascism and propaganda.

It is time for the Trump administration to use the FTC and DOJ to break up these anti-American fascist companies. Elizabeth Warren has made it a campaign promise. Trump needs to beat her to it.

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