Exclusive: Some New York City Civil Court judges are so corrupt that they have thugs retaliate against whistle-blowers

December 6, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

Nearly three-years ago in January of 2015, BPTV reported on an egregious case of placard abuse. A person with a New York Civil Court Judge license plate was using a placard on the dashboard that stated “Official Business” to park overnight in a no-stopping zone on Rector Place.

It is bad enough that police officers flagrantly break the law using placard abuse. But judges are supposed to be beyond reproach and represent unbiased justice. We stand in their presence and call them “Your Honor” For a judge to openly display a bogus “Official Business” placard to park on a no-stopping zone should be a crime.

BPTV sent a letter of complaint to New York Court supervising judge Peter Moulton. The Court replied, admitting that this was indeed a case of placard abuse and assured us that it would not happen again.

During our investigations, BPTV actually caught red-handed the woman driving the Subaru with the fraudulent placard. She was Caucasian with white hair who seemed to be in her late 50’s or 60’s. While jogging, BPTV spotted the car on Rector Place going towards her favorite illegal parking spot. The driver’s window was down and we asked, “Are you a judge?”. She replied, “What business is it of yours?”. We replied, “Because you have been illegally parking on our street.” She then panicked and accelerated away.

Minutes afterward while BPTV was upstairs at 200 Rector Place, a thuggish irate middle-aged white male walked into the North entrance of the building angrily demanding to know the whereabouts of the person behind the BPTV reporting on the judge’s placard abuse. The doorman had brown skin and the racist intruder mocked him with an attempt at an Indian accent. He then pretended to be some sort of officer of the court or police officer, but would not show a badge. His intent was clearly to cause physical harm to BPTV.

The New York Courts protected the identity of the judge and the man involved in the attempted assault. BPTV made an official request for their identities and was ignored.

Years later, BPTV posted a story that was an essay written by a local man on a crusade to stop placard abuse. It then reminded us about the 2015 incident that was still unresolved. So, we investigated. We do not forget.

This is what we have learned. The female judge is part of a corrupt family of judges who have been prosecuted and investigated by city and federal authorities. They all rose to power by being cronies of the New York City Democrat machine, as do most other Civil Court judges.

The placard abusing judge’s name is Robin S. Garson. She is a current Kings County Civil Court judge. Her term expires in 2022. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School and went to CUNY for college.

It is remarkable that she is still a judge given the extreme scandals surrounding her and her family. This 15-year-old New York Times article details the saga of the Garsons.

In a nutshell, Judge Robin Garson the placard abuser, now 64, was the second wife of Judge Gerard Garson, a man who was convicted of accepting bribes and disciplined over the years for many other similar unethical actions while sitting on the bench in Civil Court. He died in February 2016 at the age of 83 and had lived on the West side of Rector Place. A cousin of Gerard is also a Civil Court judge investigated for graft.

Robin Garson is listed as living in the Upper East Side on 74th Street despite her husband living in Battery Park on Rector Place. Apparently, they shared multiple apartments.

Interestingly, Gerard Garson rose to power being a TLC taxi lawyer. The TLC offices used to be nearby on Rector Street, across the West Side Highway.

What struck BPTV as most interesting about our encounter with the crooked judge is the anger and hubris she responded with after being caught, as opposed to shame and embarrassment. She even sent a man into a private apartment to act as muscle, much like the mafia would. We are still trying to track down the identity of that man.

Now, it all makes sense. The Garson family of judges have been corrupt judges in the boroughs of New York for decades and have gotten away with it. Robin Garson is still a judge. Of course she was indignant when caught acting above the law. She is entitled to break the law and no ordinary New Yorker had better dare cross her, she thinks.

However, the bigger story related to this incident is how the Civil Court judges are elected by a thoroughly corrupted New York Democrat Machine. The pattern is one of Brooklyn Law lawyers getting involved in local political efforts. Then, they get reward by the Machine with plum judgeships that are essentially lifetime appointments because the elections are all rigged.

BPTV crossed paths with a crooked New York Civil Court judge who was making a mockery of the housing court laws to do favors for powerful people who put her in the bench and then got her elected to Civil Court. Like the Garson family, this judge benefited from lawyers involved in the New York judge candidate selection process.

The New York Times article on all of this is worth reading in its entirety. The following are some of the pertinent points:

Since the 1970’s, in and around Sheepshead Bay, a Garson, or the spouse of one, has run for one office or another more than a dozen times: local school board, State Democratic Committee, City Council or State Assembly. By last year, the Garsons had hit a sort of political trifecta. Gerald P. Garson, a longtime lawyer for the taxi industry and former treasurer for an arm of the Brooklyn Democratic machine; his cousin Michael J. Garson, a former district leader; and Gerald’s wife, Robin, a soldier in the party’s corps of election lawyers, had scored what for years has been regarded as one of the great patronage plums in city politics: they were judges, holders of $125,000- or $135,000-a-year elected posts that often amount to lifetime appointments.

But the Garson family’s story of political success has, in recent months, come to a sudden halt. Gerald, 70, a State Supreme Court judge, has been indicted on charges that he accepted cash and other gifts as payment for preferential treatment

Robin Garson, (now 64 as of 2018), Gerald’s second wife…Whatever their legal credentials, the Garsons demonstrated an appetite and affinity for politics. Gerald, who years ago worked in the same law office as Howard Golden, was also a member of Mr. Golden’s political club. When Mr. Golden, who would serve 24 years as the Brooklyn borough president, became head of the county Democratic organization, he named Gerald as treasurer of the group’s political

action committee, the Brooklyn Democrats. Michael Garson served 13 years as a local state committee member, the first step on the elective ladder, and by 1990 was powerful enough to mount a credible challenge against Assemblyman Clarence Norman Jr. for the county Democratic leadership. Robin was a frequent volunteer lawyer for the party, helping knock the opponents of Democratic regulars off the ballot.

And like all good party loyalists, the Garsons gave to local candidates — nearly $5,000 over the years, And Gerald, who would eventually be indicted on charges that he had taken improper gifts from a lawyer, was censured in 1984, while in private practice, for treating a judge and his wife to a Catskill vacation, falsely registering the judge under the name of one of his law partners, then lying about the matter to investigators. While on the bench, records show, Michael and Gerald Garson have regularly done what many of their counterparts have done for years: dispensed any number of the appointments and receiverships that are a main source of extra income for many lawyers to a core group who have been major powers within the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

The storm that has now engulfed the Garsons was set in motion last October. A mother in a bitter child-custody battle before Justice Gerald Garson told the district attorney’s office that she had been told that her husband had bribed the judge to fix the case. The lawyer Justice Garson had appointed as law guardian for her children, Paul Siminovsky, had a role in the scheme, the woman said. Within weeks, lawyers involved in the case have said, both the lawyer and Justice Garson admitted wrongdoing, and soon after that the judge was indicted.”

The Post reported in 2016 that the now-deceased Gerard Garson was convicted and served two-years in prison. However, none of this seems to have fazed Judge Robin. She brazenly abuses court-issued special placards and gets angry when peasants dare to call her out. She even sends thugs into private apartment buildings as retaliation.

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