Essay: Propagandist Chief Les Moonves fired by CBS board

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September 10, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

Les Moonves was finally fired by the CBS board. Two weeks ago, when the first Ronan Farrow New Yorker story was published, accusing him of rape, he refused to step down. Today, Farrow came out with a second story and six new accusers.

Les will not even get his lucrative severance package of $130 Million. He was kicked out the door with $80 Million in stock, not cash, that will likely be clawed back.

It appears as if Les was such a predator that he attacked his own female doctor while she examined him. It is also reported that he was banned by The Four Seasons for molesting the masseuses.

The importance of this is that CBS News could now fall. CBS News has been the most flagrant member of the propagandist community. President Obama hired David Rhodes to run his propaganda efforts. Ben is the brother of CBS President David Rhodes.

Well, CBS News has been covering up thier own sexual scandals. Charlie Rose was finally fired after he was #MeToo’d, but David Rhodes and Jeff Fager covered it up for decades. Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King knew too.

Meanwhile, Andrew Lack, President of NBC News, is also under pressure because he spiked Ronan Farrow’s Story. That is why it had to be published in the New Yorker instead.

The propagandists in media are falling. Trump is winning. Populism is thriving.

In my Rules to Stop Radicals:

Rule 4: Go After Radical Propagandists in the Media

The only real weapon that the fascists have is control over the media and entertainment industries. As the readership of papers and viewers on TV news wane, their power fades.

When a “news” outlet is clearly producing propaganda, expose their methods. Explain the bias at the top of the organization (e.g. David Rhodes, President of CBS News being the brother of top Obama aid Ben Rhodes). Bust crooked reporters for lying or making up “sources”, etc.

More importantly, all of the propaganda outlets survive only because they are part of larger corporation, such as Amazon, Comcast, or Disney. News operations alone are a money losers. Go after the parent companies subsidizing the propaganda outlets or force them to divest ABC News from Disney, for example.

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