Pure panic by the ImpeachTrumpers

Update April 16, 2018- The federal judge seems almost certain to grant the request by the Trump and Cohen teams to create an unprecedented “Special Master” to oversee the seized documents and determine what is privileged or not. In addition, the Trump and Cohen teams must see all of the evidence. The US Attorney prosecutors are no longer in control of the evidence.

This is such a big win for Trump that the resistance propaganda has gone silent. They are all devising ways to get their stories straight on how to spin this as a loss to Cohen because his restraining order was not granted in entirety.

We Inform. We predicted this outcome and the response.

April 14, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

So, I forced myself to watch CBS This Morning so you don’t have to. I was paying attention to the coverage of this pending federal judge decision on whether it was legal for the FBI to raid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and offices. It will be an epic court decision that could either set this country down the course of dictatorship or defend the fourth amendment.

Late in the show, CBS did cover a segment about Stormy Daniels, her lawyer, and Michael Cohen, but they completely ignored the big elephant in the room, which is this pending decision on Monday. One way or the other, either this Southern District judge or the Supreme Court will rule that it was illegal, and then Rosenstein and the entire ImpeachTrump bunch will be labeled as law breakers. Instead of Trump being the “criminal”, the resistance will be prosecuted.

The judge who will decide the matter, Kimba Wood, is the senior most judge the Southern District. She was appointed by Reagan and was Bill Clinton’s first choice to be Attorney General before Janet Reno. She went to London School of Economics and then Harvard Law, back when it was rare for women to do that.

The TV news has a vested interest in impeaching Trump. CBS News President David Rhodes has been in bed with the ImpeachTrumpers. His brother is Ben Rhodes who was Obama’s main liaison to the press. They all participated in the wrongdoing perpetrated by the Obama administration before and after the 2016 election. David Rhodes is already having to defend himself against the scandal brewing and forthcoming book that alleges he knew all about Charlie Rose’s sexual misconduct and yet did nothing. Rhodes has already burned up all of the goodwill that the CBS News brand built for 50-years. Rhodes will be unemployed if he can’t pull a Hail Mary and get Trump impeached. Similar stories of panic are playing out with ABC’s President of News Ben Sherwood, Ian Cameron, and George Stephanopoulos.

The move by Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein to raid Michael Cohen’s offices in order to create numerous new scandals that could bring down Trump was made in panic. He knows that he will be fired soon, along with Robert Mueller, and that they would then be vulnerable to prosecution. After all, it was Rosenstein who approved the illegal FISA warrants to spy on Trump. Rosenstein needs to create an ImpeachTrump engine that lives on in his absence.

The TV propagandists are panicking too, ever since it was clear that there was no collusion with Russia, despite hammering that narrative every day for more than a year.

Next week will be a watershed moment for the seditionists trying to overthrow a duly elected president. They no longer have a Robert Mueller weapon, since there was no Russian collusion, and since collusion was never a crime to begin with. Now, they are trying to start new criminal investigations in regular U.S. Attorney offices. Federal judges should put a stop to this really fast.

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