The Judge Kavanaugh accuser has the hallmarks of mental illness

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September 27, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The increasingly uncontrollable socialist/communist base for Democrats has caused former moderates to pivot left in hopes of keeping their jobs. The most delusional, who think they are viable presidential material, have attempted to derail the Supreme Court appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kamala “Obama” Harris and Corey Booker put on some of the worst acting performances ever seen in congress during the confirmation hearings. Booker infamously yelled and said it was his “Spartacus moment” The Democrats invited professional protesters in pink hats to disrupt the proceedings. It was a new low for the Senate.

When none of that worked, they pulled out their last-resort weapon named Christine Blasey Ford. A psychologist from California who grew up near Judge Kavanaugh in Washington, DC, she sent a confidential letter to Senator Feinstein, who then leaked it. She accused Kavanaugh and other boys of holding her down in a bedroom during a house party in the early 80’s when she was approximately 15-years-old.

However, she could not recall the location of the house or even the year of the incident. Moreover, all of the people she listed as being at the party sent affidavits to the senate committees disavowing ever witnessing the incident or even knowing Judge Kavanaugh.

The Democrats went to great lengths to keep Ford out of the spotlight until today, when she appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. They clearly knew that she was an unstable person who could not stand up to scrutiny.

The first obvious sign that accuser Ford might have a serious mental illness is that she had a disheveled appearance. He hair was falling in her face. Her reading glasses were foggy from hair and skin oil making her squint, etc.

She also seemed to be nervous and hyper-sensitive. She exhibited odd behavior, such as swaying left and right in her seat. All of those are signs of mental illness too.

Before Ford’s prepared testimony, which she gave as two lawyers on either side of her physically assisted her and coached her, she was in dire need of caffeine, asking for a coffee. She later had a large bottle of caffeinated Coca Cola. Sleep loss is a sign of mental illness, and also of psychiatric drugs, such as antipsychotics.

During Ford’s testimony, it became clear that she only had vague memories of the alleged assault, but could not recall any of the details. She did not recall how she got to the party, where the house was located, who owned the house, etc. She was not even sure exactly who was in the bedroom when she was held down.

The press had reported that she named Judge Kavanaugh as the assailant back in 2012 during psychiatric counseling sessions. However, those reports were false. At no time did she name Kavanaugh to her therapist. At no time did she tell any high school friends at the time or since about the Kavanaugh attack. Her best friend gave the senate an affidavit stating that she was not at the party and did not support any of Ford’s testimony.

After Ford’s testimony, judge Kavanaugh testified under oath. He provided very credible evidence that he never met Ford. He produced a detailed calendar that he kept at the time. He was a virgin until college, and no women came forward to deny that. Kavanaugh produced letters of strong support from nearly 100 women. Never in his adult life has anyone ever accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Why then would Ford make such accusations? One likely explanation is that she is mentally ill and suffering from delusions.

Ford admits that she is mentally ill. Her claustrophobia and anxiety are so severe that she forced her husband to build a second front entrance to the house. She described her house as looking very odd as a result.

Given her career as a psychologist, it is almost certain that she is taking powerful medications, such as antipsychotics. The side effects of those medications will cause mental illness in healthy individuals.

It is clear from Ford’s own testimony that she is suffering from mental illness. The Democrats, sensing a real chance of derailing the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, stooped to manipulating a disheveled woman who never wanted to be exposed in the first place.

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