Essay Update: Trump’s CIA will be smarter than Obama’s

Update February 1, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Two-years after my essay below, Mike Pompeo is now the Secretary of State. That’s how smart of a CIA Director he was. Told you so.

So, how is he doing?

This week, in foreign affairs, China met with the U.S. and a deal seems close to avoid a tariff war. The U.S. worked with Mexico to break up another large caravan coming North. The U.S. is defeating Russia in Venezuela as the U.S.-back leader is poised to oust the failed socialist leader. Trump and Pompeo then exited the INF nuclear treaty signed by Reagan because Russia was violating it. The heads of the spy agencies were grilled by congress and the media made it seem as if Trump was wrong on all of views about defeating ISIS, pulling out of Syria etc. The next day, Trump and Pompeo put that all to rest. Finally, talks are back on with North Korea.

In one week, the Pompeo State Department accomplished more than his predecessors did over their entire tenures. How?

Pompeo is a smart man, finishing top in his class at West Point and tops in his Harvard Law class. In contrast, Obama was a pot-smoking flunky in college. John Kerry and Rex Tillerson were idiots. Hillary was book-smart, in an autistic way, but terrible at dealing with complex problems.

Look for Pompeo to run for senate and then for POTUS in 2024. (This essay is an official early ass kiss.)

January 22, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

President Trump’s pick to head the CIA, Mike Pompeo, finished first in his class at West Point and then top in his Harvard Law School class, becoming an editor of the Harvard Law Review. This is in stark contrast to John Brennan, Obama’s head of the CIA, who was a Fordham grad and career bureaucrat.

Pompeo climbed the ladder of a merit-based system, outsmarting others in college and the law firm workplace. He became a congressman in 2010 during the Tea Party movement.

Brennan rose up the ranks the old fashioned way: political cronyism. He ran a private intelligence company in 2008 and was a large donor to President Obama’s campaign. After Obama’s election, Brennan landed a government job. In Obama’s first term, he was briefly considered for the CIA Director job, but passed over due to his support of torture during his CIA days under President George W. Bush. Only after David Petraeus was fired as Director of the CIA did Brennan get the job (Wikileaks released internal CIA documents showing Brennan was marked as a failure internally, but yet failed his way to the top anyway (a common pattern in the Obama administration seen with Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, etc.)).

It is a well-studied phenomenon that people hire others to be around them who are not threatening or smarter then they are. This is so important. Given that President Trump has a big ego and is confident, thinking he is highly intelligent himself, he has not been afraid to hire smart people to surround him.

In contrast, President Obama knew that he was in over his head as a pot smoking, cocaine using, C-student in college, so he hired dumb people to surround him in the White House. Obama briefly made the mistake of hiring smart people in his first two years, but it bit him deeply. Harvard elites like Larry Summers mocked him behind his back.

The imbeciles hired by Obama who have been running our country over the last eight-years have caused tremendous damage to this nation. They botched the handling of the Ebola epidemic, allowed the rise of ISIS then failed to stop very preventable ISIS attacks on the homeland, just to name a few of the failures. John Brennan’s CIA should have prevented ISIS from coming to power in the first place, but the policies in Syria and Iraq were debacles of historic proportion.

Who can forget Susan Rice, then President Obama, saying multiple times that ISIS was “not an existential threat”.

Domestically, Obama’s inept Department of Justice mishandled one race crime after the other, leading to a whole new form of terrorism that engaged in numerous massacres of police offices.

The divisions within this country have never been as wide since the 1960’s and 1860’s.

Under President Trump, he has already nominated a team of very smart (and wealthy) cabinet leaders, such as Mike Pompeo. Given that the CIA is the most important branch of the military (even though it is not part of the military officially), responsible for most of America’s foreign policy, Mike Pompeo should lead this country in the right direction again.

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  1. Chester says:

    And now we learn ( no surprise) that 50 George soros and Muslim extremist groups funded the womensmarch where so many of the women incentivized by yoga studio s private girls schools told the gullible masses that it was a woman empowerment group

    Ahhh the hypocrisy and irony of groups promoting sharia law and bhurka and communism ( working out well for starving Venezuela – no ) all known for enslaving women ………
    Getting rich elites white suburban country club women to protest against …..? The rights they have as American free women ? IRony of being led by uneducated vulgar mentally ill, older, face lifted, irrelevant, losing careers, seeking media attention actresses ( yea that’s all Ashley Judd) who defames ivanka trump and another vulgar and violent threatening insecure face lifted older irrelevant musician threatening to blow up the White House (Madonna) and having the media calling it peaceful

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