Tucker Carlson rips off BPTV again

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July 30, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

In January, I coined the phrase “Demplosion” in an essay. It described the implosion of the Democrat party. I thought of the term on my own. I have re-posted the essay this week for anyone to see.

Fast forward to tonight. Tucker Carlson is using the term DemImplosion. Did he come up with the idea on his own, as yet another coincidence, or is he ripping me off?

I did a quick search and could only find the term demplosion used by a person on Twitter and a blog article, both way back in 2010 after the elections. It is not a common phrase. If it were a common phrase, Tucker would not have led off his show with it. He knows it is a novel clever phrase….that he stole.

Meanwhile, Tucker and his producer Justin Wells have my book Rules to Stop Radicals, which includes my essay. They have seen BPTV this week where the essay is on the front page. I even sent them a cease and desist this week to stop ripping me off for another story related to Jeffrey Epstein.

A reasonable jury would conclude that Tucker Carlson is a plagiarist, almost, who changed my phrase “demplosion” by one letter, much as a pop-song-plagiarist changes a few notes.  The same jury would also find that the pattern of Tucker Carlson using my ideas to be a coincidence of such low probability that it is more likely a case of intellectual property theft.

This is how cheesy TV works. They steal so often that they do not even realize it.

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