Exclusive: BPCA’s Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan gone

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November 20, 2013- 3:30 PM (20,000 people have read this, as of December 4, 2013)

Sources tell BatteryPark.TV that the BPCA’s Matthew Monahan and Anne Fenton are no longer employed. We are awaiting details. The source also stated that other changes in staffing are imminent.

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5 Responses to Exclusive: BPCA’s Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan gone

  1. Mae Harris says:

    another one or two bites the dust at BPCA. there was great coverage about the 19 let go in November, 2011 but what about the two employees wrongfully terminated by BPCA on March 27, 2013 and months later Demitris is let go because of firing and hiring practices. everyone else received a severance package but the two employees let go on March 27, 2013. something is very wrong.

  2. Editor says:

    To Mae

    Send us an email with details

  3. Gilliard James says:

    This is a big loss for the community. How will we be able to replace these 2 highly qualified people? Maybe we can scour the private sector and entice them into the public office.

    The Authority, the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a well oil machine that continues to churn out the best government has to offer.

    How else can you effectively manage 92 acres of property that essentially governs itself?

  4. Stay Gold Pony Boy says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Anne Fenton makes Jim Cavanaugh look like FDR. It’s a shame for the residents of the neighborhood and the good employees who aren’t political hacks that our state leadership views BPC as a retirement stable for friends and associates who are past their prime. Time to put the rest of these clowns out to pasture!

  5. Farley Burstadt says:

    Here’s an idea. Fill in the land from BPC to Pier 40.

    Build a casino, an air train , Segway training center, and a circus. Use the animals from the circus to lug the supplies for the parks and the casino money to pay off the debt and salaries. The parks employees can work as card dealers during down time.

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