Exclusive: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ignored complaints about a sexual predator on par with Harvey Weinstein

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Update May 8, 2018- Now, Gillibrand friend Eric Schneiderman has abruptly resigned from his New York Attorney General post when the New Yorker broke a #MeToo story on him. But the AG was doing things worse things to women than just sexual harassment. Apparently, he is a heavy drinker too and likes to get his kicks by beating them up. He calls it “role playing”

But everyone in New York society and politics knew this about Schneiderman. Donald Trump tweeted in 2013 that he was a creep. It is inconceivable that Gillibrand did not know.

Just as she did in the case below, this meritless bimbo, who was appointed as the Senator from New York to replace Hillary Clinton, who never could have been elected on her own, has sold her soul to the Democratic party. She is taking a play out the Hillary Clinton playbook, pretending to be a pro-women candidate whilst secretly condoning atrocious crimes against women.

December 6, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

In the news today is Senator Al Franken again. After another woman accused him of sexual impropriety, a caucus of female senators spoke to the press and urged Franken to resign.

Gillibrand is widely believed to be eyeing a run at president or vice president in 2020. That has many skeptics asking why Senator Gillibrand is only now becoming such an ardent supporter of abused women. Why did she support Hillary Clinton less than a year ago, and is now critical of her enabling of Bill Clinton during his sexual predator days?

BatteryPark.TV can exclusively report that Senator Gillibrand was made aware of a sexual predator on par with Harvey Weinstein working for the BPCA, Robert Serpico, and her office did nothing about it. In October of 2014, BPTV sent the following email. We called to confirm that it was received. However, no actions were taken by the Gillibrand staff to oust the accused (We have previously reported how the BPCA also ignored these complaints).


From: BatteryPark.TV [mailto:steve@batterypark.tv]
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 2:24 PM
To: ‘glen_caplin@gillibrand.senate.gov’ <glen_caplin@gillibrand.senate.gov>
Subject: Urgent: Robert Serpico of the BPCA is a sexual predator

Please see below. This is something that Senator Gillibrand should take action on.

From: BatteryPark.TV [mailto:steve@batterypark.tv]
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 1:16 PM
To: ‘seema.singh@batteryparkcity.org’; ‘alix.pustilnik@batteryparkcity.org’; ‘dennis.mehiel@batteryparkcity.org’; ‘shari.hyman@bpca.ny.gov’

Subject: Urgent: Robert Serpico is a sexual predator

I am now confirming that the CFO of BPCA, Robert Serpico, is possibly a criminal sexual predator, not just a white-collar-HR-offending-email-sender. I am basing this on the following:

A) He is coercing his secretary to sleep with him. She is so unhappy about it that she filed a complaint with the state, but was then forced to retract it. Multiple reliable sources have told me this.

B) A high level BPCA employee Wilson Kimball had Serpico rub his genitals against her. She threatened to break his arm. Multiple reliable sources have told me this.

C) His sexual verbal comments are off the charts inappropriate. Multiple reliable sources have told me this.

D) And of course, you saw the emails and sexual cartoons he sent.

All of this behavior is classic for a sexual predator. As you know, the definition of rape is being redrawn as we speak at Harvard and the California universities. All of the cases of sexual assault in the military and on campuses is causing the changes. This is not an environment where a state official like Serpico should be tolerated.

Robert Serpico needs to be taken out of the BPCA offices today, in handcuffs.

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3 Responses to Exclusive: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ignored complaints about a sexual predator on par with Harvey Weinstein

  1. Chester says:

    This is an incredibly disturbing story. Scariest is that if Hilary Clinton had won, all of these people like Harvey Weinstein, Schneiderman, Kirsten Gillibrand, etc. would have been in power.

    Liberals believe and live by the “no enemies on the left” motto.

    Boy, Vacco does appear to have been the best attorney general in decades!

  2. Editor says:

    If Hillary had won, after 8 years of Obama corruption, the US Constitution would have been rendered irrelevant

  3. reba catron says:

    Yes Trump had the dirt on Scheniderman and threantened to expose him if Schneiderman did not drop the investigation into Jared Kushner. He did. Corrupt politicians should not be embraced by either party. IMHO Trump is on top of that list.

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